Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mmmmm... Biscuits....

Seth... a much braver man than most, is striking out on his own, and following his dream to open his own biscuit shop.


Located at 330 Holly Street, Denver CO 80220

Stay tuned for updates at Rise and Shine Denver

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Winter Doldrums

Holy shit... he's alive...

Time for the down and dirty update, chock full o' pictures (though lacking detail). First a couple funnies; Last weekend Jessica and I simply drove through the "Whole Paycheck" parking lot, we did not go into the store or stop there, we were on our way out of another store. Of course Whole Paycheck is one of THE places to see and be seen in Boulder, and we (again, simply driving by) we saw FOUR completely unrelated chicks, all dressed in the EXACT same uniform. Keeping in mind is was 28 degrees out, all four had Ugg boots, capri-length grey yoga-stretchy-pants-shorts, and black puffy jackets. I can only imagine that if we were to actually go INTO the store, it would look like that scene in iRobot when Will Smith goes into the one room with all the robots lined up... minus the black dude of course;

Probably a day after that, I spotted a sweet custom exhaust on a mid-90's Volvo 740. Dude had taken a random exhaust and wired it up to the frame, pointing straight out the side by the passenger door. At least he took the time to paint it black, and make it a bit more subtle, rather than chroming it and adding one of those coffee-can-sized exhaust pipes. This, of course, is on a car owned by a dude that works at one of the neighborhood auto-parts stores; I'd hate to see what he would do without his shop discount!

On the other end of the "subtle-spectrum" was this dude Jesse and I passed the other night. Sorry for the horrible picture, but I had to at least get something. What you can (kind of) see in the picture below, is an Eclipse, so often a car that has been converted into a prop for Need for Speed, which has not just a stock spoiler on it. But ALSO an aftermarket, totally unmatched giant second spoiler bolted ONTO the original stock spoiler. As hysterical as it was to see, all I really wanted to do was follow the dude to his next destination, so I could get out and see what I'm sure was an awesome mounting job. My bet was that he used drywall screws to mount it, since that's what dad had lying around in the garage, and they sure looked pointy and strong.

It's been so long since an update, that I haven't posted Halloween photos. On Halloween we went out with some friends... that's about it. It was a good time, and everyone had great costumes. There was Craig and Bonnie;

Drew and Mimmie... I mean Jesse and Brittainy;

Me and Jessica;

Jeff and Jill... and Dangle's package;

Jesse found out that it's not easy being a beautiful woman in these superficial times, when there is a huge amount of pressure to look perfect, at all times;

Sometime after Halloween, a bunch of us went to a hockey game to watch the Avalanche play horribly, and loose to Bonnie's Edmonton team;

I did some bike racing in Brighton;

The squirrel outside my window entertained me with acrobatics as he ate some kind of berry thingies on the tree;

There were some wintery looking mornings;

I did some more bike racing. That whole deal has been going "okay". I've been very mediocre at best, but I guess that's to be expected considering I really have been floating along all week working more on my first-person shooter skills on PS3, WAY more than I've been riding my bike. So what do you expect when you sit around all week and then show up at the bike races to go for it? Oh well, it's good to have a fresh mind as well...

And now we're caught up and just a couple days away from celebrating the white-man's slaughter of Native Americans and their culture. Woo-hoo... lucky us. Jake in the meantime says "Fuck Turkey-day, they don't make fun doggie costumes for Turkey-day so I'm jumping straight into baby Jeebus' birthday celebrations!"

Unless of course someone leaves the turkey unattended, at which point I have no doubt he will eat the entire thing, and then require a vet visit... because that's the way Jake rolls.