Friday, January 7, 2011

Wait... what!?

The other night I made it home in time to snap a couple pictures and play with the camera some more. The moon was looking really cool last week. This pic came out fairly cool... unfortunately, I nearly froze to death, and the wind was bad enough that it blurred the shot a bit, even with the camera situated on a tripod.

Our pets live a really tough life and after a full day of sleeping, lounging, eating, and general laziness, they are usually pretty wiped-out by late evening;

Neo occasionally wakes up to be crazy for a bit.

But let's be honest... Jessica isn't the best influence, since she's usually passed out by about 8pm anyway.

Though, I guess to be fair... she does have a reason to be tired these days...

New Year's Eve

After tearing up Denver on New Year's Eve last year, we decided to hang out at home, and have a few people up for a bit more relaxed party. It was a lot of fun, Jesse, Brittainy, Craig and Bonnie all came up to hang out and hit the hot tub on a frigid night. For dinner, we decided everyone would bring a favorite appetizer, and it quickly turned into an out of control feast! The kitchen was crazy-busy!

I had the FryDaddy working overtime making deep-fried pierogis for people;

Bring us more chicken wings Bonnie... and some ketchup too!

There was barely any room on the table for all the delicious food! We had chicken winds with two types of sauce, peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches (with the crust cut off) shrimp scampi, sauges links wrapped in bacon, stuffed mushrooms, deep fried pierogis, bread with dip, a bunch of other stuff, and of course, more than a few delicious alcoholic drinks.

After dinner, it was all of about 3 degrees outside, and the windchill was down to about 30 below! But we decided to brave it, and went out for a dip in the hot tub. I was wishing a few times that I had my snorkle with me, so I could have stayed completely in the water! Brittainy found a warm robe, and decided to play it safe indoors;

Yippee... made it through the New Year, and I think this is what most of the crew looked like by 12:36am