Friday, October 29, 2010


Anyone doing the road bike race at the mall this weekend!?

Sometimes I really think people around here just give up, and don't expect much from courses anymore. This course probably does a half-way decent job of making a course from what the area provides... but come on! This is supposed to be a UCI race with NACT status.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Bit More From SSCXWC'10

Some more good video... another one from the qualifiers (believe me, the camera doesn't do justice at all, to the steepness or length of "bum hill";

And some good video showing a few different portions of the course on race day. Especially since the live coverage didn't show very much of the course, with their mostly static cameras.

Catch my full family-friendly update from the weekend over at the Gates Carbon Drive blog! I love this picture, generously provided by Glenn Bunselmeyer, since it does a good job showing the condition of the course, and especially because it caught my own cheering squad at the top of the hill! Thanks for coming out Nickle and Janine!

Well... I guess it's back to racing in the jack-hammer hard-packed "grass" this weekend. Ugh. Though they're running a special deal on the races this weekend! That's right... they attached an NACT logo onto the flyer, extended the single speed category to 60 minutes (at least that part is cool), and offered up special pricing; The usual $25 for the first 45 minutes of racing, and then $1 for each minute after that. Fucking lame.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

SSCXWC'10 Qualifier Races

Here's an awesome vid, to give you an idea of the qualifier race, for the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships!

The race was a total roll of the dice for out-of towners. We were armed with a VERY vague map of the course, and sent out to find our way through Seattle on open roads, bike paths, tunnels, stair cases, parks, bridges, and highway embankments - while making sure to hit several different checkpoints.

The rule of the day was "Find the fast Seattle guy in your group, and stick with him"! Four riders from each heat qualified, so right from the gun, I helped force a selection of four, and then we all worked together to drive the pace and make sure we all qualified. The legs felt great, and I was happy to do as much work as possible letting everyone know, "Just tell me when to turn!"

Awesome. I haven't had that many pre-race jitters in a long time, and they were all wiped clear once the race was over and I had won the "sprint" for our group!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


It's time to head West for the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships! Should be a real good time!

And it looks like the weather is going to "cooperate"... that is if you were hoping for real North-West cyclocross weather!

It might not be the best weather for us desert inhabitants coming from Colorado. But with any luck, I think we just might have an advantage using the Gates Carbon Belt Drive if it gets ridiculously muddy. Nothing like some proper product testing!!

(Thanks @Raleighs_Sally for the picture!)

But don't worry! No matter where you are this weekend, you don't have to miss the fun. Catch the live stream, and on demand, at MFG Cyclocross!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Winter Approaches

Last weekend I just wasn't motivated to hit the Interlocken cross race, even though it's usually a pretty cool, grassy course. Sounds like it was a super power-sapper, and the grass was wetter than ever. No biggie, it was cold and grey and my winter laziness was creeping in. So instead I went out to hit some of the top-secret singletrack near the house, on the cross bike. I think the weather had scared everyone out of the mountains, and so it was super quiet and no one was out, not even on the roads. Some of the trees were still looking pretty sweet, though the camera did a bad job (or rather "I did") of catching the true colors.

Sunday I couldn't resist the lure of a new cyclocross course, so I piled into the car with Carlos and went out to Beuna Vista for the On the River cross race. Definitely a long drive for a 45 minute race, but at least it's usually quite scenic, and it's good to support the smaller race promotors that are brave and put on a race that's far from the front range!

Warming up it wasn't the most "crossy" of cross courses, but once up to speed in the race, it was at least a pretty fun course to ride. I had two stumbles in the race, which took me out of contention, but I was fairly happy with the legs at least. I posted a quick race report over on the Team Gates Carbon Drive Blog. Finished up in 3rd and then another long drive back home.

Some more high-country racing planned for the weekend, doing the Aspen race up in Allenspark. That should be pretty fun, and it will be intersting going the "wrong direction" from the house, for a bike race. I might even double-up, since the scheduled is switched up, and not the usual (stupid) mandated schedule that nearly all the races have.

In the meantime, Gates put together a sweet video introducing the team and high lighting our race at Cross Vegas!

And coming up next week? SSCXWC!!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cross Catch-up

Two weekends ago Craig and I jumped into the car to head out to Frisco for some cross racin'. The Frisco races are always fun, the courses are well-done and a bit unique, the altitude is a dizzying 9,500ft and you never know what the weather is going to do. Plus, I like going up "into the mountains" to race; I love the atmosphere up there, and think it's only right that we should go up there a few times a year, after we make them drive every weekend to do the same (mostly boring) courses the rest of the weekends.

Check out the Gates Blog for a race report that I threw together on the race. More specifically, for me, the race started BLAZING fast. I was just off the lead group going into the single track, and felt horrible after the start - taking a full lap to recover. But then I started feeling better, and with about 3.5 laps to go, I was able to go nice and hard again. Thanks to the awesome announcing, I knew I was getting closer, but I had let the gap get to big in the early part of the race, to be able to close things back down. That's okay though, I was stoked to see the team take 1st and 2nd, and being able to ride that fast and hard at the end of the race is a good thing. with any luck I'll start to have the form coming back around, as I still work to blow the 30+ road races out of the legs from this long season.

This past weekend I was feeling lazy on Saturday, I think the colder weather rolling in, was working to kill all motivation. So no racing for me, though I got out for a great ride on some "top secret" trails near the house, on the geared cross bike. I had to wear way too much clothing, but at least the weather scared people away, so it was a nice quiet ride. A little brain-flossing.

Sunday was going to be a long day as Carlos and I were heading out to Beuna Vista for the cyclocross race out there. Quite a long drive, but it's a new (last year) course that I haven't done, so I figured what the heck. There was a decent chance of rain and/or snow, especially at that altitude, but it held off for us. Though there was an evil, steady, hard wind to make the course that bit harder. We had a smaller field, but with some real quality there. I was riding pretty well, minus two bobbles that I had, forcing me to run the sand once, and stepping off the bike on this steep decent another time. But I (mostly) chased back on both times. And while I ended up racing just for second, I was able to do a ton of work for Carlos, to make sure he would secure 2nd place, while I could hold on for 3rd, after managing to drop the other guy that was making up our group. Not great, but the legs were better.

I wasn't able to grab a picture at CrossVegas, that really captured the course and the atmosphere, but leave it to my man Elgee! Check it out! were expecting strippers, weren't you!?