Tuesday, October 26, 2010

SSCXWC'10 Qualifier Races

Here's an awesome vid, to give you an idea of the qualifier race, for the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships!

The race was a total roll of the dice for out-of towners. We were armed with a VERY vague map of the course, and sent out to find our way through Seattle on open roads, bike paths, tunnels, stair cases, parks, bridges, and highway embankments - while making sure to hit several different checkpoints.

The rule of the day was "Find the fast Seattle guy in your group, and stick with him"! Four riders from each heat qualified, so right from the gun, I helped force a selection of four, and then we all worked together to drive the pace and make sure we all qualified. The legs felt great, and I was happy to do as much work as possible letting everyone know, "Just tell me when to turn!"

Awesome. I haven't had that many pre-race jitters in a long time, and they were all wiped clear once the race was over and I had won the "sprint" for our group!

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