Friday, October 15, 2010

Winter Approaches

Last weekend I just wasn't motivated to hit the Interlocken cross race, even though it's usually a pretty cool, grassy course. Sounds like it was a super power-sapper, and the grass was wetter than ever. No biggie, it was cold and grey and my winter laziness was creeping in. So instead I went out to hit some of the top-secret singletrack near the house, on the cross bike. I think the weather had scared everyone out of the mountains, and so it was super quiet and no one was out, not even on the roads. Some of the trees were still looking pretty sweet, though the camera did a bad job (or rather "I did") of catching the true colors.

Sunday I couldn't resist the lure of a new cyclocross course, so I piled into the car with Carlos and went out to Beuna Vista for the On the River cross race. Definitely a long drive for a 45 minute race, but at least it's usually quite scenic, and it's good to support the smaller race promotors that are brave and put on a race that's far from the front range!

Warming up it wasn't the most "crossy" of cross courses, but once up to speed in the race, it was at least a pretty fun course to ride. I had two stumbles in the race, which took me out of contention, but I was fairly happy with the legs at least. I posted a quick race report over on the Team Gates Carbon Drive Blog. Finished up in 3rd and then another long drive back home.

Some more high-country racing planned for the weekend, doing the Aspen race up in Allenspark. That should be pretty fun, and it will be intersting going the "wrong direction" from the house, for a bike race. I might even double-up, since the scheduled is switched up, and not the usual (stupid) mandated schedule that nearly all the races have.

In the meantime, Gates put together a sweet video introducing the team and high lighting our race at Cross Vegas!

And coming up next week? SSCXWC!!!!

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