Thursday, May 10, 2012

Local\Velo Cycling Team

Mmmmm... new road bike...
This year, I accepted a great invite to ride with the Local\Velo Cycling Team. It makes perfect sense, with all the things I have going on this year, and allows me to take a step back, and ride and race for fun (read: less committment), with a lot of new guys, and guys I've ridden with in the past. The team also has an awesome group of sponsors, and as the name suggests, are all local businesses. The owners ride, the riders they sponsor are local, and really hit their target customers, and most importantly everyone is in it for the fun of getting out on the bike. Speaking of the bike; City Velo got us set up with great deals from Cannondale. My weapon of choice? The SuperSix Evo Red. This bike is just SICK. It exceeded my expectations in everyway, and I just love riding it. It came in at a ridiculous 14.2lbs., ready to ride, with training wheels, cages and computer. There's really nothing lightweight on the bike and putting it in the 12lbs. range would be simple (though pricey of course).
Much more than just an issue of weight though, the bike is very stiff. And most importantly than that, for both the extreme light weight and stiffness, it actually rides and just plain "feels" exceptionally good on the road. I'm so happy to be back on SRAM Red, and there's just plain nothing to complain about with the performance of that group. I'm psyched to put lots of miles on this bike!
Like I said, lots of awesome sponsors; small businesses that you can actually support locally! So check them out when you can!