Monday, August 19, 2013


I snuck out this afternoon for a workout Boulder Colorado style; no, I didn't tuck my iPhone headphones into my plaid button down, untuck from my designer jeans and don some "foot-gloves" for a power walk to the nearest food truck for some jalapeno bites - that would be the IT-Software Engineer workout. Instead I did the Colorado CX workout; cranked the heat up to 92 degrees, pumped my tires up to 60psi and went to Valmont bike park to practice two-wheel drifting in the marbles. At least it's always easy to pick out which part of the workout involved stair intervals.
On my ride to work today, as I endlessly dodged unpredictable and completely oblivious idiots working their way down the path, I realized why I really hate these people. It's because if you don't care how you meander down a public path - a rather busy one in Boulder no less - and can't adhere to the most simple rules like staying right or looking before you suddenly turn left across the path or NOT stand in the middle of the path smoking oxy off a sheet of tin foil... then chances are you just don't understand, or respect, the way that society is supposed to work. Seriously people, just figure it out, and NOTICE that there are other people on the same planet as you. This is my new favorite super-hero... I really can't wait to see who is arch-nemesis will be! Meanwhile the US Pro Cycling Challenge is already an hour old, and somehow Jens Voigt hasn't even been in a breakaway yet.

Friday, August 16, 2013

What Shaped Your Youth?

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I wish that if the guy from down the hall was going to "fake-wash" his hands in the bathroom... that he would at least put in the effort to also "fake-dry" them too. Or just man-up and admit that you didn't wash your hands. Me, my policy is to wash my hands BEFORE I use the bathroom. I mean I know where my junk has been, but I walk around all day shaking other peoples hands or using disgusting door knobs and such; I'd rather make sure I had clean hands before touching ME - that should take care of people wanting to shake my hand. I love my commute to work, dropping off the side of the mountain on a twisty descent in brisk morning air usually means I don't need as much coffee once I get in. But that usually doesn't make me not drink coffee.
Between the commute in and a bunch of Valmont laps at lunchtime, I burned 12.4 Oreos worth of calories. However, since it's Friday, I think I'm going to save those and cash them in on beer instead. Between that and my hour long lunch ride, I earned a bonus 12.4 Oreo cookies for today!

Thursday, August 15, 2013


I'd argue that I hate shortening days and the signs of a departing summertime. About the only thing that eases the pain, ever so slightly, is that the changing seasons will at least bring cyclcocross season. And I'm really, really looking forward to getting my hands on our new weapon this year!! A quick sneak-peak for you!