Friday, August 16, 2013


I wish that if the guy from down the hall was going to "fake-wash" his hands in the bathroom... that he would at least put in the effort to also "fake-dry" them too. Or just man-up and admit that you didn't wash your hands. Me, my policy is to wash my hands BEFORE I use the bathroom. I mean I know where my junk has been, but I walk around all day shaking other peoples hands or using disgusting door knobs and such; I'd rather make sure I had clean hands before touching ME - that should take care of people wanting to shake my hand. I love my commute to work, dropping off the side of the mountain on a twisty descent in brisk morning air usually means I don't need as much coffee once I get in. But that usually doesn't make me not drink coffee.
Between the commute in and a bunch of Valmont laps at lunchtime, I burned 12.4 Oreos worth of calories. However, since it's Friday, I think I'm going to save those and cash them in on beer instead. Between that and my hour long lunch ride, I earned a bonus 12.4 Oreo cookies for today!

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