Thursday, June 25, 2009

Horgan and You Guessed It... More Rain

I hate fiscal year-end... especially this year, it's really putting the crush on my blogging...

Friday last week was the only day that it didn't rain on me. It was actually nice and hot for once, when I snuck out for a lunch time ride. I was home early since Saturday morning was the Mike Horgan Hill Climb. It's pretty cool when every other year, the race goes up the Magnolia side, and right past my house. Of course, I'm glad that we also have to do that side, only every other year... it's downright hard. Something like 4500ft. of climbing in just about 21 miles. 7.5 miles of that is rolling dirt road, 4 miles is just retarded steep, and the rest goes up in varying degrees. Ouchie.

The race started out fine, with Seth attacking from the parking lot. He was still just off the front when we hit the bottom of Magnolia. From there on, it's pretty much a TT up the hill. I held onto the group for a bit, then it shattered before very long at all, as expected. I kept pulling people back along the climb, and just after the last steep swithback, pushed hard to catch Seth, who then drove it so that we could get onto the small group just ahead, knowing that there is strength in numbers on the dirt. So there were four of us working pretty well... five of us, with the amount of work Seth was doing though! We caught some straglers, and then another group just after the Peak-to-Peak section, then it was game-on again for the climb. I got popped from the leaders of our group, but finished relatively strong. Only 21st in the final results, but I was pretty happy with my time.

Craig's sister Beth was in town, so I hoped on the moto for a ride down to Conifer to hang out for the night. Of course, it started raining soon after I left the house... ugh. But at least I got to see the growing Dunkin', who is still learning to control his lips;

After a movie, way too much pizza, and some quality time in Golden, it had finally started to dry up a bit for the ride home. I was glad I didn't have to do a rainy, night drive through the mountains back home.

Sunday was a bit more relaxed and I was hoping to get out for another moto ride. I finally got motivated and got out, with the plan of meeting up with Jessica and her family for Father's Day celebrations down in Denver. So I got to do some riding up on Peak-To-Peak, which was pretty sweet, and Long's Peak was looking HUGE as ever.

Sure enough, even though it's sunny here, it was raining by the time I put away my phone and hoped back onto the bike. Sweet... another thunderstorm when I was trying to make my way back down to the front range. That made 5 days within a week, that I was rained on. I was cranky to say the least.

Monday started the week off, with a good collection of funny people. There was the lady that was having serious issues making a simple left hand turn at the stop light. Once we got moving, I realized that she had taken off her eyeglasses, and was literally curling her eyelashes as we drove through the intersection. Sweet. I thought for a second about rear-ending her, and trying to get the little curling device thingy to lodge directly into her brain... but that would have made my day even longer, for sure.

The second funny person was the chick that gets to watch over the self-checkout lane at the grocery store. After my purchase was complete, she commended me on the speed and efficiency of my checkout. I didn't bother to go into detail about the reason for every single move I make during the self-checkout process, or the fact that I have tried various combinations until settling on what is currently my preferred and speedy style. And then she even complimented me for being so gracious and incorporating a "bag fluff" on the next bags in the table thingy - so that they were ready for the next person. That wasn't really strange... more it just made me sad that people don't normally do that, and that they pay this poor girl to walk from station to station to properly "fluff" the bag for the next customer. Oh well, at least she can say she's a fluffer.

Needing a bit of a laugh, I walked over to campus, and was greeted with this chick;

Nothing like a chick in a sundress, with balet flats on, and minimal balance, trying to ride her skateboard up the center of the street. Everytime she had to push, it was a near-death experience. I was really disgusted to see she had a serious, authentic Mark "Gator" Ragowski board... I stalked her for a bit, because if she fell, I was going to take that shit. It wasn't one of those lame remakes or anything, it was full on original. Sure, she looked like a fricken goon trying to move on the thing, but I'm sure she looked very hipster/retro/cool when she was standing with her friends, and holding her skateboard - the way most people on campus skate anyway.

To recover from the hectic day, Jessica and I hit Sumida's... tried the new "Crazy Roll";

This one was tempura shrimp, salmon roe, asparagus and tamago... very unique taste... totally different, and totally good! It weren't no Crispy Roll - my favorite there, but it was definitely good!

Holy Shit Batman... this just in... Michael Jackson is no more! That's really some sad shit right there. No doubt the dude was off his fucking gourd... but there's no denying his musical accomplishments. Man, I am really bummed now.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Glenwood Weekend

Straight from the classroom, into the car on Friday, for the drive out to Glenwood Springs.

I was heading out for the bike racing, but always an awesome excuse to hang out with The Berger's in New Castle... and of course have some heated games of quoits! Because I couldn't leave until after the class, I had to miss out on racing the TT... which also meant missing racing against Lance and Levi. Though, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have wanted to see the results anyway. Frightening I'm sure.

Saturday afternoon was the Glenwood Springs, Rock the River Road Race. It was likely to be pretty painful, and the afternoon winds were picking up just in time for our race. Things were pretty calm on the way out; I gave a bit of leadout for the last mile into the dirt, and then suddenly remembered that I don't really like dirt. Somehow, I managed to ride pretty well, the bumps were bad, but not horribly consistent. As always, I had a bit of grief when we got to the sudden change of the climb, before the turnaround. Plus, I was being too conservative, and gapped away. After the climb and the turnaround, I was pushing hard though, and picking up one group after the other - doing more than my share of the work. After not too long we caught the first real chase group on the road, which had Seth in it, so I went to the front to see if we couldn't get that group up the road. The wind was howling, and I was feeling good, but I had very little help, as our group got more and more "luggage". With about 5 miles to go, I finally gave up and just sat in the group as we noodled home - that always makes me insane. Then finished in the group, opting to not sprint, even though it turned out we were further up the finishing order than I thought, due to lots of disqualifications.

We recovered with several delicious beverages in Glenwood at the Glenwood Canyon Brewery, and plenty of people watching. Sunday there was a crit in downtwon Glenwood, and it's usually pretty hard to get motivated for. It's pretty sketchy, and really doesn't suit me; way to "punchy". Though while sketchy, the technical turns do let me ride pretty easily through them, and make up any necessary time. The race was fast from the gun, and essentially I made sure no one escaped off the back. But finished in the main field without too much drama. Good news really, considering the work I did in the road race - and the number of beers I had on Saturday night.

Another good visit to the west, and time to race the storms home. Crazy rainbow, and rain for that matter, just around Eagle. I wish I could have found my real camera, but driving was taking priorty;

Monday it was back to work. I was almost starting to like class, just because I was away from my usual duties in the office. Mostly I was just looking forward to no real after work commitments and going home to hang out.

And the mailman had brought me some new toys. FINALLY, my new grips had come in, so I could finish up the installation of the new handlebars I had gotten for the Ninja. You know I couldn't resist skulls...

Also got my new fender-eliminator kit, so I was able to trim the back of the bike down from this;

To this;

Much cleaner look for the rear of the bike... and lower, flatter, more comfy bars. I got to ride in today, and it felt strange, being new, but I was already adjusting to the tweaked position, and overall, it should be much better. If the 40-days of rain ever stops, I might actually get to put in some real miles on the bike!

Monday, June 8, 2009


Random thoughts on this Monday...

1. Why God? Why?
2. How late can I sleep in, still take a shower, and get to work at a "reasonable enough time"?
3. Last week, and this weekend, really sucked... today doesn't feel any different.
3. Illy "red" is definitely better than Illy "black"
4. Wow... I can actually see the mountains today... oh wait... nevermind, they're gone again
5. I should stay home.
6. It's such a pain in the ass, switching between brake pads for carbon wheels and for alloy wheels... maybe I should just train on my carbon wheels like everyone else.
7. You've gotta be fucking kidding me...
8. What would I do without coffee?
9. "So, as the person who controls security access to THIS building, you want me to give permission for you to have a key, specially made, for a computer lab in a different building, which I've never been to and don't know where it is, that is open 24 hours a day, so for the 4 days you are teaching a class there, you can lock everyone out of the computer lab when you go out for a smoke, rather than just taking your laptop with you? I think that may be completely insane" Wow... do I love my job.
10. Mmmm... that's good peanut butter.
11. Great, it's raining again.
12. Is this what it feels like just before you crack completely?
13. This tv show is pretty stupid.
14. I wonder if the new iPwn will function for a full 24 months of it's contract?
15. Copy/paste... there's a novel fricken idea.
16. There's only about a 2% chance that I'll survive this class tomorrow
17. This BAR/BAT system is completely fucked.
18. Rule #19b of chart making... when you make a key, the colors in the key, should match the colors in the god-forsaken chart, or else your chart is fucked.
19. How about instead of going through the online system filling out a form for a request for someone else to log this request, send email confirmations to everyone involved, dispatch another person, who within 24-48 hours (unless something more important comes up) will drive out to our building, so that they can fix the incredibly important paper towel dispenser in the Men's room, I just pull out the jammed piece of paper towel? Wow... do I love my job.
20. I keep turning up A Tribe Called Quest, but people still keep coming to my desk to bother me.
21. Who's driving to Colorado Springs for a 15 minute BAR/BAT race?
22. Is it raining again?
23. Where the hell is the reset button in this game (of life)?
24. I think I did a shitty job of "choosing my own adventure"
25. For every rule in the state system, there are 4 "but it's okay when..." disclaimers
26. "The Word of God is not solely a set of rules to live by, but an infallible guiding light for our hearts" - wow... that opens the door to some seriously fucked up activities as described in the bible.
27. What is the best arrangement of papers to leave on my desk this evening, to give the impression of completing the most amount of work, while also ensuring the appearance that I am going to be incredibly busy tomorrow as well?

In keeping with the shitty weekend, the TiVo did not record the Turkish Grand Prix yesterday. At least I was still able to build my Scuderia Ferrari F1 Lego cars, complete with little Kimi and Filipe;

...while watching that douche Faber get his ass-kicked in the WEC championship bout;
Also eventually got out for a bit of a ride on the Ninja yesterday, even though I spent most of the time running from snow and thunderstorms.

- End Transmission -

Thursday, June 4, 2009

"Someday a Real Rain Will Come..."

Let's just sum up another shitty day with;

Which makes me wonder;

Along with another day at work; pretending to give a fuck, while simultaneously trying to ignore office politics, completely unethical and incestous actions, and complete total bullshit...

The weather is still shitty and rainy here, prompting me to find a forest of gopherwood, so I can grow a beard and start some building;

Which frankly, makes me wonder again;

Screw it, I will ponder the teachings of Jason, right now, on a lovely little bike ride along the rising waters of the creek.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Now It's June

Oh wait... there I am. I was on like blogging vacation or something. I'm not even sure where I left off...

The weekend before was Memorial Day Weekend. Always perfect, simply because it's a 3-day weekend. For once it seems, it was to be filled with some local racing for once. And after last years debacle, I wasn't about to drive out to Durango again, just to offer up a $70 donation to those fucks. So Friday evening started off with a Time Trial in Superior, on the hard part of the Morgul-Bismark course. I hadn't ridden the course in a good while, since it just isn't that much fun. The effort was "okay" though I should have had one more gear on the climb (I forgot I had wanted to change cassettes) and I saved just a bit too much too, since it seemed longer last time.

Saturday was a crit in Louisville. I decided to skip this one just because I wanted the day off, and plus, we were going to Craig's house to visit the new nephew! No worries, the team crushed it in the race, with a break containing Zac lapping the field, and Zac taking the sprint above all other breakaway companions and therefore the win for the team. Nice! Meanwhile, not surprisingly, Dunkin' is damn cute!

I apparently ended up with all "sleeping pics" since I was often playing with him when he was a awake...

Or he was just plain moving too quickly to get a good picture. Either way, he was quick to adapt to his new family, and to his first party at the house, which of course typically means nearly as many dogs as there are people!

Sunday was supposed to be the Koppenberg... yes... again. Instead, the skies let loose on Saturday evening, and didn't let up, turning the hill on the course, once again, into a complete, unrideable mess. Cancelled. Since then, they've announced that from here on out, the race will be held regardless of weather, and you'll just plain need to figure out a way up the hill - whether it's rideable or not. That's pretty good actually, I'm fine with that. Just don't EVER expect me to pre-register again, oh, and can I have my money back for this one in the meantime!?!? With the race cancelled I hit out on a short ride about Golden, and I made it back to the car, just in time for the dumping thunderstorm, which at least would have been coming down right at the scheduled start time for my race at Koppenberg.

Last week... blah blah blah... work, eat, sleep... nothing too crazy. Friday evening I got out and saw the new Star Trek movie. While I was worried they destroyed it, reports were coming back from trustworthy sources that it was actually really good. And in fact, it was pretty good! A few minor quibbles, but overall, a great effort I'd say. Especially with how easy it would have been to screw up the entire thing... "Jar-Jar" anyone?

While leaving the theater, I caught a glimpse of one of my favorite scooters from around town. Unfortunately I got a crappy, blurry picture, so I'll have to try harder next time. But this scooter features two 30lb. Tidy Cat litter containers, as workable baggage on the sides of the bike. It is Boulder, and I guess you can consider that "recycling".

Saturday morning I was up early to point the car East, and hit Hugo for the annual lap around the county... whatever county that is out there... Kansas, or something like that. Not surprisingly the race was on from the gun, and before we made it on our trip past the finish line, on our way to the course, it was already single-file. I did some work early, covering, going with stuff, trying to keep from getting guttered, and eventually bridged up to a move with Barberi and Mr. Porter in it. We rolled smooth, off the front, for a good 23 miles or so, waiting for the real split to form behind us, and come up to join us. It was a bit strange since we didn't have a lead vehicle or motorbike the entire time we were out, but figured it made us less of a target for the field to chase. When the group did come across, I was relieved to see Chuck was in the group... I gave a couple pulls knowing my time was nearly up, and sent Chuck and the group, on their merry way. Then I proceeded to self-destruct. The final 20 miles took me approximately 3 days to complete. At least it felt that long. Chuck finished up in 6th, not bad considering the caliber of the racers, and the long, hot, relentless course.

By Sunday the rains were back, but at least the course down at the Mike Kornfield race stayed dry. Again, the race was fast from the gun. This course is tough since it's insanely fast, and doesn't have a whole lot to break up the field. The toughest part for me was having the same legs on, that I had used on Saturday. 35 minutes in the lights on the dashboard were flashing like an X-mas tree, and I came off. I should have pushed to stay in just a bit longer, since of course just a few laps more, and things started to settle down. I was pretty crispy anyway, but no one likes quitting. Zac hung tough and won the field sprint for 6th place.

Since then... well... it's pretty much just been raining. I might put in a water slide at the house.