Thursday, June 25, 2009

Horgan and You Guessed It... More Rain

I hate fiscal year-end... especially this year, it's really putting the crush on my blogging...

Friday last week was the only day that it didn't rain on me. It was actually nice and hot for once, when I snuck out for a lunch time ride. I was home early since Saturday morning was the Mike Horgan Hill Climb. It's pretty cool when every other year, the race goes up the Magnolia side, and right past my house. Of course, I'm glad that we also have to do that side, only every other year... it's downright hard. Something like 4500ft. of climbing in just about 21 miles. 7.5 miles of that is rolling dirt road, 4 miles is just retarded steep, and the rest goes up in varying degrees. Ouchie.

The race started out fine, with Seth attacking from the parking lot. He was still just off the front when we hit the bottom of Magnolia. From there on, it's pretty much a TT up the hill. I held onto the group for a bit, then it shattered before very long at all, as expected. I kept pulling people back along the climb, and just after the last steep swithback, pushed hard to catch Seth, who then drove it so that we could get onto the small group just ahead, knowing that there is strength in numbers on the dirt. So there were four of us working pretty well... five of us, with the amount of work Seth was doing though! We caught some straglers, and then another group just after the Peak-to-Peak section, then it was game-on again for the climb. I got popped from the leaders of our group, but finished relatively strong. Only 21st in the final results, but I was pretty happy with my time.

Craig's sister Beth was in town, so I hoped on the moto for a ride down to Conifer to hang out for the night. Of course, it started raining soon after I left the house... ugh. But at least I got to see the growing Dunkin', who is still learning to control his lips;

After a movie, way too much pizza, and some quality time in Golden, it had finally started to dry up a bit for the ride home. I was glad I didn't have to do a rainy, night drive through the mountains back home.

Sunday was a bit more relaxed and I was hoping to get out for another moto ride. I finally got motivated and got out, with the plan of meeting up with Jessica and her family for Father's Day celebrations down in Denver. So I got to do some riding up on Peak-To-Peak, which was pretty sweet, and Long's Peak was looking HUGE as ever.

Sure enough, even though it's sunny here, it was raining by the time I put away my phone and hoped back onto the bike. Sweet... another thunderstorm when I was trying to make my way back down to the front range. That made 5 days within a week, that I was rained on. I was cranky to say the least.

Monday started the week off, with a good collection of funny people. There was the lady that was having serious issues making a simple left hand turn at the stop light. Once we got moving, I realized that she had taken off her eyeglasses, and was literally curling her eyelashes as we drove through the intersection. Sweet. I thought for a second about rear-ending her, and trying to get the little curling device thingy to lodge directly into her brain... but that would have made my day even longer, for sure.

The second funny person was the chick that gets to watch over the self-checkout lane at the grocery store. After my purchase was complete, she commended me on the speed and efficiency of my checkout. I didn't bother to go into detail about the reason for every single move I make during the self-checkout process, or the fact that I have tried various combinations until settling on what is currently my preferred and speedy style. And then she even complimented me for being so gracious and incorporating a "bag fluff" on the next bags in the table thingy - so that they were ready for the next person. That wasn't really strange... more it just made me sad that people don't normally do that, and that they pay this poor girl to walk from station to station to properly "fluff" the bag for the next customer. Oh well, at least she can say she's a fluffer.

Needing a bit of a laugh, I walked over to campus, and was greeted with this chick;

Nothing like a chick in a sundress, with balet flats on, and minimal balance, trying to ride her skateboard up the center of the street. Everytime she had to push, it was a near-death experience. I was really disgusted to see she had a serious, authentic Mark "Gator" Ragowski board... I stalked her for a bit, because if she fell, I was going to take that shit. It wasn't one of those lame remakes or anything, it was full on original. Sure, she looked like a fricken goon trying to move on the thing, but I'm sure she looked very hipster/retro/cool when she was standing with her friends, and holding her skateboard - the way most people on campus skate anyway.

To recover from the hectic day, Jessica and I hit Sumida's... tried the new "Crazy Roll";

This one was tempura shrimp, salmon roe, asparagus and tamago... very unique taste... totally different, and totally good! It weren't no Crispy Roll - my favorite there, but it was definitely good!

Holy Shit Batman... this just in... Michael Jackson is no more! That's really some sad shit right there. No doubt the dude was off his fucking gourd... but there's no denying his musical accomplishments. Man, I am really bummed now.

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