Monday, June 8, 2009


Random thoughts on this Monday...

1. Why God? Why?
2. How late can I sleep in, still take a shower, and get to work at a "reasonable enough time"?
3. Last week, and this weekend, really sucked... today doesn't feel any different.
3. Illy "red" is definitely better than Illy "black"
4. Wow... I can actually see the mountains today... oh wait... nevermind, they're gone again
5. I should stay home.
6. It's such a pain in the ass, switching between brake pads for carbon wheels and for alloy wheels... maybe I should just train on my carbon wheels like everyone else.
7. You've gotta be fucking kidding me...
8. What would I do without coffee?
9. "So, as the person who controls security access to THIS building, you want me to give permission for you to have a key, specially made, for a computer lab in a different building, which I've never been to and don't know where it is, that is open 24 hours a day, so for the 4 days you are teaching a class there, you can lock everyone out of the computer lab when you go out for a smoke, rather than just taking your laptop with you? I think that may be completely insane" Wow... do I love my job.
10. Mmmm... that's good peanut butter.
11. Great, it's raining again.
12. Is this what it feels like just before you crack completely?
13. This tv show is pretty stupid.
14. I wonder if the new iPwn will function for a full 24 months of it's contract?
15. Copy/paste... there's a novel fricken idea.
16. There's only about a 2% chance that I'll survive this class tomorrow
17. This BAR/BAT system is completely fucked.
18. Rule #19b of chart making... when you make a key, the colors in the key, should match the colors in the god-forsaken chart, or else your chart is fucked.
19. How about instead of going through the online system filling out a form for a request for someone else to log this request, send email confirmations to everyone involved, dispatch another person, who within 24-48 hours (unless something more important comes up) will drive out to our building, so that they can fix the incredibly important paper towel dispenser in the Men's room, I just pull out the jammed piece of paper towel? Wow... do I love my job.
20. I keep turning up A Tribe Called Quest, but people still keep coming to my desk to bother me.
21. Who's driving to Colorado Springs for a 15 minute BAR/BAT race?
22. Is it raining again?
23. Where the hell is the reset button in this game (of life)?
24. I think I did a shitty job of "choosing my own adventure"
25. For every rule in the state system, there are 4 "but it's okay when..." disclaimers
26. "The Word of God is not solely a set of rules to live by, but an infallible guiding light for our hearts" - wow... that opens the door to some seriously fucked up activities as described in the bible.
27. What is the best arrangement of papers to leave on my desk this evening, to give the impression of completing the most amount of work, while also ensuring the appearance that I am going to be incredibly busy tomorrow as well?

In keeping with the shitty weekend, the TiVo did not record the Turkish Grand Prix yesterday. At least I was still able to build my Scuderia Ferrari F1 Lego cars, complete with little Kimi and Filipe;

...while watching that douche Faber get his ass-kicked in the WEC championship bout;
Also eventually got out for a bit of a ride on the Ninja yesterday, even though I spent most of the time running from snow and thunderstorms.

- End Transmission -

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