Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Now It's June

Oh wait... there I am. I was on like blogging vacation or something. I'm not even sure where I left off...

The weekend before was Memorial Day Weekend. Always perfect, simply because it's a 3-day weekend. For once it seems, it was to be filled with some local racing for once. And after last years debacle, I wasn't about to drive out to Durango again, just to offer up a $70 donation to those fucks. So Friday evening started off with a Time Trial in Superior, on the hard part of the Morgul-Bismark course. I hadn't ridden the course in a good while, since it just isn't that much fun. The effort was "okay" though I should have had one more gear on the climb (I forgot I had wanted to change cassettes) and I saved just a bit too much too, since it seemed longer last time.

Saturday was a crit in Louisville. I decided to skip this one just because I wanted the day off, and plus, we were going to Craig's house to visit the new nephew! No worries, the team crushed it in the race, with a break containing Zac lapping the field, and Zac taking the sprint above all other breakaway companions and therefore the win for the team. Nice! Meanwhile, not surprisingly, Dunkin' is damn cute!

I apparently ended up with all "sleeping pics" since I was often playing with him when he was a awake...

Or he was just plain moving too quickly to get a good picture. Either way, he was quick to adapt to his new family, and to his first party at the house, which of course typically means nearly as many dogs as there are people!

Sunday was supposed to be the Koppenberg... yes... again. Instead, the skies let loose on Saturday evening, and didn't let up, turning the hill on the course, once again, into a complete, unrideable mess. Cancelled. Since then, they've announced that from here on out, the race will be held regardless of weather, and you'll just plain need to figure out a way up the hill - whether it's rideable or not. That's pretty good actually, I'm fine with that. Just don't EVER expect me to pre-register again, oh, and can I have my money back for this one in the meantime!?!? With the race cancelled I hit out on a short ride about Golden, and I made it back to the car, just in time for the dumping thunderstorm, which at least would have been coming down right at the scheduled start time for my race at Koppenberg.

Last week... blah blah blah... work, eat, sleep... nothing too crazy. Friday evening I got out and saw the new Star Trek movie. While I was worried they destroyed it, reports were coming back from trustworthy sources that it was actually really good. And in fact, it was pretty good! A few minor quibbles, but overall, a great effort I'd say. Especially with how easy it would have been to screw up the entire thing... "Jar-Jar" anyone?

While leaving the theater, I caught a glimpse of one of my favorite scooters from around town. Unfortunately I got a crappy, blurry picture, so I'll have to try harder next time. But this scooter features two 30lb. Tidy Cat litter containers, as workable baggage on the sides of the bike. It is Boulder, and I guess you can consider that "recycling".

Saturday morning I was up early to point the car East, and hit Hugo for the annual lap around the county... whatever county that is out there... Kansas, or something like that. Not surprisingly the race was on from the gun, and before we made it on our trip past the finish line, on our way to the course, it was already single-file. I did some work early, covering, going with stuff, trying to keep from getting guttered, and eventually bridged up to a move with Barberi and Mr. Porter in it. We rolled smooth, off the front, for a good 23 miles or so, waiting for the real split to form behind us, and come up to join us. It was a bit strange since we didn't have a lead vehicle or motorbike the entire time we were out, but figured it made us less of a target for the field to chase. When the group did come across, I was relieved to see Chuck was in the group... I gave a couple pulls knowing my time was nearly up, and sent Chuck and the group, on their merry way. Then I proceeded to self-destruct. The final 20 miles took me approximately 3 days to complete. At least it felt that long. Chuck finished up in 6th, not bad considering the caliber of the racers, and the long, hot, relentless course.

By Sunday the rains were back, but at least the course down at the Mike Kornfield race stayed dry. Again, the race was fast from the gun. This course is tough since it's insanely fast, and doesn't have a whole lot to break up the field. The toughest part for me was having the same legs on, that I had used on Saturday. 35 minutes in the lights on the dashboard were flashing like an X-mas tree, and I came off. I should have pushed to stay in just a bit longer, since of course just a few laps more, and things started to settle down. I was pretty crispy anyway, but no one likes quitting. Zac hung tough and won the field sprint for 6th place.

Since then... well... it's pretty much just been raining. I might put in a water slide at the house.

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