Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Bit More From SSCXWC'10

Some more good video... another one from the qualifiers (believe me, the camera doesn't do justice at all, to the steepness or length of "bum hill";

And some good video showing a few different portions of the course on race day. Especially since the live coverage didn't show very much of the course, with their mostly static cameras.

Catch my full family-friendly update from the weekend over at the Gates Carbon Drive blog! I love this picture, generously provided by Glenn Bunselmeyer, since it does a good job showing the condition of the course, and especially because it caught my own cheering squad at the top of the hill! Thanks for coming out Nickle and Janine!

Well... I guess it's back to racing in the jack-hammer hard-packed "grass" this weekend. Ugh. Though they're running a special deal on the races this weekend! That's right... they attached an NACT logo onto the flyer, extended the single speed category to 60 minutes (at least that part is cool), and offered up special pricing; The usual $25 for the first 45 minutes of racing, and then $1 for each minute after that. Fucking lame.

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