Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New-ish Year

Well... 12 days in, and I think I'm starting to get back to normal after New Year's Eve. I know that it was definitely a good time, but I also know that my memory gets progressively more hazy, as it gets later into the night. A group of us went down to Denver and did the only wise thing - reserved some hotel rooms. Everyone had dinner, and then we were off to Wynkoop Brewery just to hang out and have a good time.

I have so many incriminating photos, so I'm not even sure what to post. But I figure that this series of photos should sum things up pretty nicely - party hats inspired an obssession with boobs... Jessica is bound to develop back pain with those;

Craig wasn't about to be outdone;

Brittainy worked 50% harder than everyone on her boob job;

And Jeff and Jill... well, I guess you could say they went off on a bit of a tangent. I like their thinking though;

No doubt the girls were having a good time! Heck, they had already had a round of shots before the boys started to get onto that track of thinking!

And soon enough, as the night became the new year, the dancing began, with Craig and Jessica leading away;

And Brittainy and Bonnie couldn't resist the dance floor either, and they were even able to attract some dude surfing the crowds for those 1.30am chicks that needed "a ride home".

Awesome... he's in like 4 photos I have, just leering at the dancing crowd.

The dancing did in everyone, and Jessica in particular. Oddly, there wasn't a cab to be found at 2.00am on New Year's so we spent some time wandering about in 20 degree temps before finally making it to the hotel.

No hangover was enough to make us miss the opening day at Rise and Shine Biscuit Kitchen though, and we all stumbled in there New Year's Day, for some biscuits and coffee to battle the hangovers. That was about the most activity I had for New Year's Day...

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