Thursday, January 21, 2010

That's Not a Moon!

Finally got a pretty good weekend of riding in, this past week. Saturday we had most of the new team (more info coming soon!) meet up, and go hit the Gateway ride out of Boulder. It was nice to have everyone except the Biscuit Man there, and even more fun to have the entire team in the front of the group for the day. Not much has changed on the Gateway ride, and surprisingly, even though there was such a big group, most everyone did a good job not being embarrassingly bad about riding out in the middle of the road and messing with traffic. I hear there was a crash at the back of the group though, so of course, plenty of room for improvement. About like my fitness though - actually, I felt fine all day, which was reassuring. There is of course, plenty of high-end fitness that needs some tweaking, as to be expected.

Saturday evening we hit the town for Bittainy's birthday, which included a fun night at Lannie's Clocktower for the late night burlesque show. We popped for the VIP tickets, and managed to keep it a secret from Brittainy that she was going to get to perform on stage for her birthday. I think she had just enough "alcoholic lubrication" in the system, and she totally embraced her onstage persona, "Violet Vixen".

After getting home crazy-late, I wasn't motivated to get up early for another group ride. So instead I did the complete opposite, and hit out on my own on the cross bike, to hit some snowy dirt roads up along Peak to Peak.

Pretty sweet ride, nice and quiet and I got to check out a couple roads I have been meaning to ride. It was chilly for sure, but only snowed for about one-third of the ride.

It's been a nice diversion from the snow, especially given how cold it's been and even most of the roads have been crappy, to get out on the track. A group of us have rented an hour of track time, once a week, during lunch (which is even better to escape the cube for awhile) and it's been pretty fun. I try not to think about how many laps we end up doing, but an hour at threshold on the track, sure beats the trainer. Even though you're breaking monotony with monotony...

Overall... cycling is a beautiful sport, for so many reasons. Yet, it really can never be considered the best sport... Look at Formula One racing (Season is set to start in just 49 days now!), and their programs. Talk about living the dream - today McLaren signed 14 year old Nyck De Vries into their young driver development program. I mean seriously... playing with those kinds of toys at all of 14 years old. Sure beats the hell out of the PK Ripper I was lusting for when I was 14.

And sure as hell sounds like a better way to spend a season of racing, trying to get noticed while you are slogging though cow shit covered, wet, Eastern European roads in 34 degree temps while it's pissing down sleet.

I've been really focused on my auto racing career as well... on Need For Speed Drift... driving one my favorites... my 700hp "sleeper" Audi RS4;

But last night I took a break from racing (only after some time on the indoor trainer of course) to finish up the build on the Lego Deathstar. It is now complete, all 3,803 pieces have been snapped tightly together, and it's ready for full on re-enactment of all your favorite movie scenes.