Monday, November 26, 2007

Hipster Doofus

Sweet Jeebus... in case you need further proof of my prediction from the other day;

My hat goes of to Rubin, who snapped this absolutely stunning stealth-photo in the airport the other day. This photo stands as a further scary sign of the direction those evil hipsters are taking. Soon it will be "all Emo" to ride a fixie around town with pants so tight, that they will actually help you control the speed of your fixie bike because of the friction with your legs.

I mean look at this guy. He has STUDIED his Maxim Magazine to see exactly how he should prepare himself for public outings. Especially for travel at the airport - I love people that treat air travel like a single's bar. He's carrying his perfectly brand-new and un-used long board (notice the green wheels match his mock-turtleneck), puffy vest, velcro shoes, scrotal-facial hair, man-purse (is that a FLOWER on his man-purse!?), designer jeans and probably watching the latest episode of "Hereos" downloaded onto his Nano. I can't tell, but if I had to guess, I would say he's waiting in line to buy a pack of Dunhills as well.


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