Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gates Carbon Drive Cyclocross Team

Keep an eye out this cyclocross season for the new Gates Carbon Drive Cyclocross Team!

The Gates Corporation, known around the world for their amazing belts, hoses and hydraulics, and also creator of the Gates Carbon Drive bicycle system, is throwing their might into a front range cyclocross team, that I'm definitely pumped to be a part of!

Another sponsor will be Spot, who is providing the team with their awesome new Mod SS Cyclocross frames! This past week I received mine, and got it all built up, save for a few small pieces that I'll swap out. At just 16.4lbs, it's pretty impressive for a steel frame.

And is of course specifically designed to work with the Gates Carbon Drive system. With a set of slider dropouts and chain/seat stay combination that opens to allow the belt to be fit. It's a great setup, and isn't over-done with huge, bulky slider dropouts like so many other bikes out there.

On even my first ride on the bike, I was surprised by just how quiet and smooth this belt drive is! And I'm quite particular when it comes to the setup of the chain tension and chain line on my current single speeds.

Of course, the sweet "Ernie Orange" color doesn't hurt things either!

As great as the sponsors and bike are, I'll be riding with some great guys too. It will be great to ride with Derek and Carlos from my HART days, and Garrett, Ben and Mitch, all of whom I've raced against in the past.

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louie fountain said...

Hey Brian,
that looks amazing. My name is Louie Fountain and I am a single speed cross racer from Idaho. My brother, JT, and I are interested in the Gates Carbon Drive Cyclocross Team and would greatly appreciate if you could help us get in contact with the right person. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Louie Fountain