Thursday, May 5, 2011


Holy shit... today means there is just 3 more weeks until the due date for Magnum Excaliber Skelator to show up. That's a bit frightening.

In the meantime, I've been trying to get a good look at the incredible planet alignment that's going on. Though the weather really hasn't been cooperating. I thought this morning would be good, but it was so cold, that we had a lot of fog in the air. At least I learned I should set my alarm a bit earlier for tomorrow, though getting up at 5am sounds like a horrible idea. Anyway, here is what things SHOULD "look like";

I killed some time last week, building up a pretty cool set of wheels too. I haven't used the Tune Schwarzbrenner 24mm clincher rims before, so it was interesting to see how they built.

They were actually quite nice... a good thing given the pricing! But overall had a great finish and built up round and true, without too much hassle.

It was also nice to build these up with a much more "reasonable" pair of hubs. A pair that you can use every day and don't need to baby. These used Sapim CX-ray spokes, laced to an Alchemy Elf front hub - far and away my absolute favorite front hub. Nothing else even comes close.

The rear didn't have much flash, but that's fine, it was built with a lovely, standard DT-240 hub. No nonesense and pretty much bombproof.

So yeah, I still don't totally get the plan to use a carbon clincher rim on a wheelset like this, given the cost:benefit ratio, but this did build a nice, relatively low spoke count wheel, that was still a very cool weight - just 1,287g for a clincher wheelset.


spytech said...

how much, were the rims? would be interesting to know what you think of the build and the rims. could you post up a review.

could you email me if you have a place where i could buy them, thanks in advance.

spytech said...
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