Friday, August 17, 2007

Mountain bikin'

This past weekend, it was time for some long over-due mountain biking! To celebrate, I dusted off the ol' Dean Colonel, and took it out for 4 consecutive days of thrashing. It was really nice to be out in the woods again, picking my way through rocks and exploring trails. I found a couple new links, to assemble some very nice loops, right from the house. And with all the rain we have been getting up high, the trails are in awesome condition! And super green, even this late in August! A couple of the thicker wooded sections were giving me flashbacks of the ol' trails back east...

All complaints must be held in check, when this beauty is right out your back door!

Sunday, a couple of the guys from the team came up, and I played "tour-guide" as we trolled around some of the local Neder-Nederland trails. It was a great ride, with 6 of us out rippin' it up.

All this mountain biking, and my recent running, can mean only one thing - it's nearly cross season! With that, the cross bike was rebuilt this week also. It took till yesterday to get a real ride on it, but it was SWEET! I was riding home from work, heading up the Flagstaff mountain way. You just have to love a commute that includes 3500 feet of climbing, paved roads, fire roads, and single track. Good times.

This weekend it's out to Dillon for a crit. Maybe Copper Mountain on Sunday, if I can motivate to get back out that way, two days in a row. Should be interesting; a flat, barely 1k course, at 9000 feet.

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