Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Parents and Koppenberg

This past weekend the parents came in for a little visit. It's always great to have them come visit us at the house! Saturday, we explored some of the motorcycle shops around Denver as my dad had a few new bikes he wanted to check out in person. I did pretty good, making it most of the day before finally cracking with my lust for a Triumph Daytona 675.

So far I've avoided going to check them out, but we were at the Triumph dealer, and it was too easy to finally throw a leg over one. "Unfortunately" it felt (at least on the showroom floor) even nicer than I had imagined. Ugh... we'll have to add that one to "the list".

After a long day of looking at bikes, and driving around, everyone had worked up an appetite... maybe too much of an appetite. We just happened to be watching the Travel Channel on Friday night, and saw the episode touting the 7lb. breakfast burrito at Jack-N-Grill. And so we just had to check it out, since we were in the neighborhood. Not one to dissapoint the new daughter-inlaw, dad was happy to order the monster. Do I see a moment of doubt creeping into his head?

That thing was an absolute monster! I thought the food was good, not great, but definitely worth a return trip. The green chili was quite good, and the potatoes were tasty as well! Plus, $12 buys you a 7lb. breakfast burrito, which would be like 4 meals!

Father made a pretty good dent in that monster... a much bigger dent than the wimp behind us put into his. And sure enough, it provided meals at 3 other instances through the weekend!

Sunday was set to be my last road race of the year, if the weather would finally stay away, and let us race the Koppenberg. The weather was trying, it was cloudy and dark, and almost cold before the start. With the parents in town, I was going in with almost no bike-time, so I had no idea what to expect. But right from the start, I felt a whole lot better than I normally do at this race. You would have thought the hill would have been a bit better, since we didn't have much wind, but sure enough, we hit the hill and people started falling like dominos. It thought I'd be okay, but someone (SEVERAL riders) in the way caused me to dismount and run. After of course, being stuck behind others. Sure, the hill was nasty, but it wasn't THAT bad...

There goes the group. Shit. So I hammered along collecting people, and only a few people were able to work. Our group got smaller as we got closer to the main group, but never really made it. As usual with this race, I rode with people, picked some up, dropped others, and had the typical trip through the finish line for a lap, when you turn around, and everyone with me had called it a day. Great... 2.5 laps of riding solo, before getting caught by a small group going up the hill the final time.

With the new group, and still half-decent legs, I figured I might as well sprint it out... it would be something to practice and keep the mind occupied. I ended up in a mostly good spot, but started my sprint about 100 meters too early. I realized that right at about the same time I realized the legs were going to seize up as well. Two guys came past, and I looked back, happy to see we had enough room that no one else was coming, and came safely across the finish.

Another frustrating race, as my legs felt great, but I had crappy luck for the entire race. Ugh. I'm always amazed at this race, at how poorly some guys can handle loose conditions or steep, loose, climbs on their road bikes. Man, go get a cross bike and try it out! Believe me, nothing makes you feel more like "one with your bike" as sliding both wheels in a drift through a corner.

Anyway, it was a fun race for the parents to come see, and Jessica kept them occupied, watching the fun on the hill. I guess the road season is over for me now, and that makes me sad. The legs have been good, I just needed the luck to come around. But at least I guess cyclocross is here, and hopefully I'll keep it rolling and just be able to ride my own races.

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Just reminding you that road racing is for cross season.