Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wednesday Worlds #1

"Chuck Norris grinds his coffee with his teeth and boils the water with his own rage."

I could have used some of Chuck's coffee on Wednesday morning. It was painful leaving the house while it was still dark, and with an empty travel mug, but cyclocross season is coming! And I needed to make sure the new bike (and legs!) were going to work.

I thought the first edition of Wednesday Worlds was going to be smaller, especially for the first time out, and a 6.30am start time at that, but there ended up being about 30 guys and gals. Sweet. Off to Elk's we went.

It was rough starting off without caffeine, and it took the first two laps before the body and mind were starting to work together. By the second "race" I was getting used to the new bike, getting used to it's two wheel drift through the turns, and smoothing out the technique. Speaking of the new bike... man... it's dope. Sooooo smooth with the all-carbon frame, and yet feels 100% efficient when you stand up to lay down the stick. Love it. And that was with some street-centric tires on. Unfortunately, I did a shitty job of remembering to take any pictures.

It was sweet to have the workout out of the way, and head straight home from work too... even if I passed out on the couch immediately after dinner! Looks like the Koppenberg will be the last road race of the year for me... and as usual for the Koppenberg, a chance of rain in the forecast.

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