Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another Wedding in the Family

A week or so again (I know, I know, I need to get caught-up bigtime!) Jessica and I hit the road, or air, and were off to Pennsylvania for my cousin Terry's wedding. It was a great excuse to get back east to rural OH/PA, hang with some family and relax for a bit. We were staying at my cousin's farm, so that would be fun too, since I haven't seen the latest farm, or lived the dairy life for awhile.

After a late arriving flight into Ohio, and then a rainy late drive into PA to the farm, we pretty much went straight to bed without seeing anything. So in just a few hours, it was pretty funny to wake up to the sound of cows just outside the window, yelling for their breakfast;

I was hoping there would be some young calves for Jessica to see, and we weren't dissapointed. There were lots including this two-day old little girl;

Jessica even got to help out with chores as we fed the "young'ins" and let her bottle feed the youngest.

And it didn't take long for me to convince some of the barn cats that humans were definitely good, and you could get love from them if you'd just jump up onto their shoulders.

It's always fun to be back east, feel some humidity, and see all the green! Once you get out of the desert, things actually grow and thrive!

Saturday we were all off to "town" for the big wedding;

I was definitely sure that the colors for the wedding would be John Deere green and yellow, but somehow that was vetoed, and they did go with a lovely black, white and pink scheme. Terry however made me proud, showing the rebellious and fun side, by sneaking in the John Deere suspenders under his tux.

The wedding was lovely, as was the reception. And like any good farm couple, the limo consisted of a lovely Ford F450 Twin Turbo Powerstroke Diesel flatbed work truck.



Elgee said...

is that last cow pictured single?

I am Brian said...

You like that tongue... don't you Elgee?