Friday, August 14, 2009

Niagra Picture Falls

After the wedding in PA, Jessica and I figured with where we were, it was just a quick 3-hour drive up to Niagra Falls, so we hoped into our rental car and drove up. With such a nice rental car, the drive was much quicker than we anticipated;

We were off to the Canadian side of the falls, figuring that Canada still counts as "getting out of the country", and our war with them has been pretty civil lately. Our hotel was pretty sweet, situated right over the Horseshoe Falls, and we had a great view from the room.

Once set up in the room and all that, we were into full-on tourist mode.

There's a rainbow every day with the right angle and timing;

We did the Maid of the Mist of course, past the American Falls;

Approaching the Horseshoe Falls;

And sitting below the Horseshoe Falls;

Then we were off to see the rapids below the falls. They were sick! The amount of water was pretty staggering. I should post the video I have, which makes it a lot more impressive, but for now you get a picture. 35 foot deep, Class VI rapids. I think more people have survived going over the falls, than running the rapids.

Below the falls you come to the Whirlpool, which was just as impressive. The water from the river pours into this pool, circling and then from the sheer force of its own weight and power, is pushed under the incoming stream, and continues out along the valley at a 90 degree angle

And what better way to see, than a cable car ride right over the whirlpool!?

Most every night we could watch fireworks right from our hotel room.

The next day we did the trip that takes you below the falls. That was pretty impressive as well, and I think cooler than the Maid of the Mist. The roar of the water is much louder, and even though you aren't on the water, you get closer and can really get a sense of the power.

We hit what is supposed to be like the biggest collection of totem poles in one place, or something like that. There were tons of really cool ones, but this one made me laugh the most;

Then hit the Botanical Gardens, which were a bit past their prime for the year, but still pretty cool

Always fun to watch the lights on the falls at night;

By the time it our trip was up, we were definitely done with the crowds, but still a fun trip and very cool. Especially since Jessica hadn't been to the falls before. No doubt I'm already ready for another vacation!

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