Friday, December 18, 2009

It's that time of year again, so last Friday Jessica and I invited Alex over to set up the baby-jeebus tree, drink spiked cider, and of course, watch Elf.

The tree came out great;

And I even had enough time to fabricate a menorah for Alex;

Yes... that actually is my bloody machete from Halloween as the base, but it was the first thing I came across, that was flat, and appropriately shaped.

Saturday we snuck out of the house for some dinner and then to see "A Tuna Christmas" at the Denver Victorian. And then Sunday morning I took off for a hike with D-Rock and Randy. We did some fast paced Boulder front range hiking around Bear Peak. The weather was pretty nice most of the day, except of course for the highest 30 minutes of the hike - we had perfect timing.

It was a solid, hard workout, especially for the first hike of the year.

Only in Boulder though, would you see a no trespassing sign that includes warnings not just against hiking, but specifically jogging as well!

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