Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's a Wrap... or a Pierogi...

The weekend before I wrapped up the racing for the season. As it often is, it gave mixed emotions as part of me was very well done with mustering the motivation for forcing the body to go race-pace, while at the same time, I know it will only take a couple weeks before I'm going crazy because there aren't any races to soothe that competitive spirit. This new course, that we raced a few weeks before (with some changes to keep things fresh this time), was pretty cool, pretty flowy and definitely hard, without a lot of room to rest.

The race was pretty competitive for a single speed race, after 3 laps, there was still 6 of us riding away as a group. As usual, I had a monster of a time motivating myself to ride fast in the cold conditions, but kept on, knowing the season was almost done. I let someone pass, at what turned out to be horrible timing, as he leap-frogged me, as the dude we were passing "stopped" and blocked up the flow of traffic. Then while trying to chase back, I pushed a bit too hard in one corner that was getting faster and faster, and I went down. At least it was on grass, and made for one of those cool, mostly painless, high-speed slides. But lost more time there, and finished up in 3rd. Not horrible, all things considered, and like I said, time to relax.

State Champs were this past weekend, but the weather was looking miserable, and the conditions were going to be far from good for me... and the same goes for my own condition. Sounds like the course and conditions were far from ideal for a state champ race. Of course, I totally believe you race what the course conditions give on any given day, but also think that any possible conditions should go into the consideration of course and course design, particularly for States. But whatever, I wasn't there, so I'm just babbling.

Besides, I had more important things to do... like trying my hand (finally) at making homemade pierogis for German-Night!

If I may say so myself, they were fucking delicious. It was a group affair, as I did a good bit of the prep ahead of time, but then enlisted help in the actual assembly, so that I could also cook them, while they were being made. And it wasn't just my pierogis, everything made for the night was freakin' delicious!

I was more than stuffed after dinner, and with temps near zero, the only thing to do was to work off some food playing Rock Band. Next time I'll have to bring along my own guitar, so we can have the full band playing!

As for now... 5 days of constant 10 degrees or colder has completely cracked me. This morning, with 70mph wind gusts and 1 degree temps, while forcing the car through snow drifts to get to work in the dark, totally did me in. I'm done. Can't handle it anymore. There might still be time to get to Hawaii and check out the current 30+ foot waves at the North Shore!

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