Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Blah, Blah, Winter, Blah

It's been winter... it's cold and stupid. And even worse, cold without even any useable, playable snow. It always seems to be an extreme. Well, maybe I can stay inside and have some hot chocolate made with hemp milk... gotta love Nederland.

I've been up to a whole lot... and at the same time, not a freakin' thing. So I started messing around and have a new project in the plans...

I love when Mrs. T comes over for dinner, like she did the other night;

But I was too drunk from finally cracking open my Odell's aged Woodcut ale... which was freakin' pretty damned tasty!

And of course the holiday season has kept everyone extremely busy. Especially Leigh who has volunteered to guard the baby Jeebus tree, day and night, in order to make sure no harm comes to her catnip filled gifts!

And of course last week... was it last week? Was the Winter Solstice. So at least that means the days are getting longer now... but I think we have a really really long time until it starts getting warmer. Especially since it hasn't even started snowing yet! But this year had a full-moon winter solstice WITH a full lunar eclipse! It was pretty sweet. The skies were overcast, but cleared up just enough, as the eclipse got rolling. I was fully armed with binoculars, camera and the telescope... freezing my ass off, in 16 degree temps at 2am. But that's okay, it's always worth it. Taken with the iPhone4 through my telescope eyepiece;

Yesterday I trotted over to a local retailer in order to pick up the newly released first season of Archer (From the makers of Frisky Dingo, and one of my favorite shows since Frisky Dingo!), when I came across this highly-modified transport machine. Mostly it's really fucking funny... but part of me really loves that the driver of this machine obviously had a look around his shed, and pieced this together from the bits that he had. And that is pretty freakin' cool. But still, it's goofy.

Until next time... enjoy my favorite video of last week - I'm sure this one will have people going nuts - the KillCam replays were cracking me up! Enjoy!

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