Thursday, December 30, 2010

Good Enough for Santa

The awesome wifey spoiled the shit out of me on Jeebus' birthday, with my favorite gift, the Sony NEX-5 that I've been lusting after for a few months now.

It's a totally dope camera so far. I love my Sony DSC-T200 point and shoot for it's absolutely small size and good performance. It's so easy to throw in a pocket and does a good job of taking pictures of all sorts. But I was really itching for a better processor, and a camera that could put a bit more control into. But I didn't want a big-ass DSLR that I wasn't going to take anywhere with me, because of it's big size. Enter the NEX-5. I love the tiny design, minimal buttons that you can even program, the tilty-screen and the ability to shoot HD video and 3D panaromas even. I've only played with it a bit, and mostly experimenting at that, but it's definitely fun. Quick picture of Tayler;

The dogs have been my test-subjects, doing portraits and action shots... though they aren't very predictable. We're dog-sitting my nephew Duncan for the holidays as well;

I took the camera outside to freeze my ass off the other night. The International Space Station was going to be visibly flying overhead, and I figured it was another fun test to try out the camera. This is the light it was able to pull, shooting from my hand, at 5:40pm, so it was nearly night-time out;

And it was even able to capture the space station! If you haven't seen it before, it typically just looks like a very fast, non-flashing airplane sort of light. I took this picture, tracking it by hand;

New Year's should provide some more testing subjects for the camera. And speaking of New Years, I'm finally better prepared this year! I really don't care for champagne, but this year managed to track down a bottle of Infinium to ring in 2011! For once, I'm definitely looking forward to the toast!

In the meantime I'll kill time waiting for the New Year by building my new Lego sets!

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