Monday, July 13, 2009

Back On It...

Okay... this work-thing is getting ridiculous! It's wrecking havoc with my blogging, and I fully appologize to both of you that read this. I am not even sure where I left off. Hell, I haven't even had a chance to keep up with the usual blogs I visit. I'll try to play some catch up here.

July came... and then it was the Fourth of July.... my favorite holiday! It's got fireworks, and now it's the anniversary! Jessica and I spent the morning together, before a good group of friends came up to BBQ for a bit. The weather was great for most of the day, we threw some quoits, had some awesome food, and more than enough to drink. Once the light started to fade, we were off to Nederland to catch the fireworks, which were shorter this year, but still pretty cool!





The next week was my birthday of course, and I was spoiled... as I should be. Wednesday night Alex treated me to pre-birthday dinner at the Wondervu Cafe; along with Jessica, Jesse (same birthday as me!), Brittainy and Jesse's sister. It was delicious as always... if you go, be sure to try the blueberry margarita!

Thursday was birthday day, and it was completely stupid of me to go to work. But I had some delicious Vietnamese lunch, and then after work Jessica and I were off to Izakaya Den for dinner! As it was a special occasion, I even got my own Crispy Tuna! I freakin' love that place. And the seared scallops there... were insanely good as well!

Saturday it was party time again at the house, and we had another, smaller gathering at the house. More games, more drinks, but this time with cake;

...and kabobs!

Thanks ladies for doing all the cooking!!!

Jake... who later ate half of an entire carrot cake (you bastard! - good thing I had two pieces at dinner!) thinks that even the porch swing is a couch that he should sit on with his dad.

The following day was the Longmont crit, and there wasn't much to report there. My legs were crap all week, but felt a little bit better for the race. It wasn't helped that we had a HUGE field of like 110 people, made all the more exciting by a crazy number of racers that get paid to ride their bikes all year. Fast race, felt okay floating at the back, started to feel horrible and knew I wouldn't move up, so I sat up with about 10 minutes left. Kinda stupid, should have just sat in still and finished, but really, it didn't feel good.

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