Friday, April 22, 2011

Weekly Sightings

Last week (mostly) wrapped up with a loud and fun dinner to celebrate Bonnie's birthday! I think she's old enough to drink now... and definitely wanted to prove that point with the margarita that she chose.

If you want to be "that guy" walking around looking like a complete douchebag... then you need flipflops with LED headlights. Just $60 at REI, and not a single chick will come up to bother you.

It seems like every year I try to give Indy Car racing another chance... but every year I make it through about 2 races before I remember that it's silly, and completely boring. This year, I had the back-to-back ridiculousness of the current top drive, Dario Franchitti wearing not one, but TWO Breathe-Right nasal strips during his pre-race interview. I wonder if the plan was to be able to breathe twice as well, or if he was going to use them like tear-off visors? Then, if that wasn't enough... ALL of the Versus commentators down "trackside" doing interviews, had their own Versus driving suits on. Riiiiggghhhht.

I took a first aid class this week, to renew my first aid and CPR certifications, as usual, it was an interesting class. This particular class, definitely had one of the more entertaining/comical videos to accompany the teaching. Plus, the book even had a tear out cell phone in the back cover, to be used in practicing to make emergency calls;

One of the ladies in my group MIGHT have overdone it on the lipstick that day;

And of course the training was on campus, on 4/20. And leave it to Boulder to have several planes doing aerial advertising, for local dispensaries, flying over campus. Might as well, all your key customers were in one spot... I've never seen so many people suffering from chronic back pain in one spot.

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