Friday, April 22, 2011


We had a couple busy weekends with visitors lately. First up, Harry, Danielle and Nate came out just a couple weeks after our visit to their house. It was Nate's first birthday, and we were all set to do some partying! We went all out and made up all of Nate's favorite food; cheeseburgers, chicken, french fries and mac-n-cheese!

Jesse and his mom came up to join the celebration too, and it was an all-out party. After dinner it was time for Nate's awesome birthday cake. Chocolate with butter cream from the awesome Spruce Confections bakery in Boulder.

No doubt that Nate loved his cake!

The weekend after that, Jessica was super excited that her good friend Stephanie and Addison were able to come out for her baby shower! No matter how many times we tell Addie to "stop growing", she never seems to listen, and is bigger everytime we get to see her! But, it still doesn't keep her from looking like a bobble-head when she tries on Jessica's helmet.

On one of the days we got to go into Nederland, so that Stephanie could show Addison where she grew up, and of course to see all the changes since Steph was last there. This of course meant a stop at the Carousel of Happiness was mandatory.

Jessica even got to take Magnum for his first official ride on the carousel.

Other than that, we mostly hung out for the weekend, did some good catching up and the ladies had fun at their shower. Addison and Cyrus also became best of friends - he's always a ladies-man, for sure.

A fun diva picture or proof for next time we see Addison, so that we can yell at her for continuing to grow-up;

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