Friday, April 22, 2011


It didn't take long, walking around in public last weekend, to realize that the full-moon was upon us. People get absolutely (more) insane whenever the moon is showing it's full brightness. I wish I knew why. Anyway, that made me want to mess around with some camera time, but the clouds and crappy weather had already started to blow in. Still, had some fun over-exposing some shots; like this one. Cool around the moon, but wild that there really wasn't even any of the city-light visible to the eye at the bottom of the picture.

Clouds, haze, and a full moon... not to mention some light rain blowing around, just to make things wonky. Still kinda fun though.

The next night had a lot fewer clouds, but there was still a good amount of moisture in the atmosphere. Still... with some playing around (quickly, before my battery died) I got a moon pic with a fair amount of detail.

I have a few more thinsg I wanted to play with trying to capture... but it has literally been raining and/or snowing for the past 10 days or so. Ah, spring in Colorado.

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