Thursday, June 14, 2007

Boulder Time Trial

Yesterday was the Boulder Time Trial. I haven't done this race, since I figured why pay money to go ride a crappy section of road, that you can ride any other day, and not pay someone just to time you? But what the hell. I needed to put in a nice hard effort, after the bus stop ride was rained out on Tuesday, plus "he who shall not be named" (Seth, the flyin' Jew), has a shiny new TT bike that he needed to get some efforts on to test out. As you can see below, it's VERY nice, and very skinny. All in all, a great TT bike. Swap out a few of the parts, and it will be perfect. Hopefully he will let me clean up the cockpit a bit for him, and reduce the drag a little bit further.

Getting out to the race start was almost as much of a TT effort as the race itself, since we were running a bit late, so I'm sure that burned off some power. The race itself went "okay". I think I definitely could go faster, and now kinda want to do the course again. It's one thing riding that ugly section of road in a group ride, since usually on that bit, I am stuffed, and struggling to get home. It's another thing starting in Lyons on your TT bike, trying to get back to Boulder as quickly as possible! So now I should have a much better idea of the pacing required. Moniger, Phil Z, and Nick Frey all put in some amazing times!

This next little jem is from a group ride a couple weeks ago; Walker, He who shall not be named, Joey B, and myself rode from Golden, over Lookout, to Evergreen, over Squaw Pass, to Idaho Springs, to Empire, and up to Berthoud Pass. Along the way we passed a great guy out riding with no jersey. Sure, it was a gorgeous day, but we were over 9500ft. up, and plus, what do you do with your mini-pump when you don't have a jersey pocket to stuff it in? Well, I guess you just put it in the crack of your ass...

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