Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A "Spoiler", SPOILS

Nice... just saw these today; the Slipstreamz Spoiler. I think they may be the perfect compliment to the goofy Sweat Gutr. Yikes. And if the spoilers weren't goofy enough, their marketing department was working overtime. Yeah... sure, they TOTALLY reduce the drag on your ears. Do you know why spoilers are called "spoilers"? They SPOIL the airflow. They don't make your ears more aerodynamic, providing a noticable difference in your riding. I'm so sick of retarded marketing like this. Wow... Marco Pantani would have been REALLY fast with some of these puppies! You only need to look to their second product, a spoiler that also works with your earplugs, for better music listening. Sweet. Once I get these, and then that little arrow thing that points in the direction of the best draft, and the mirror that fits on your top-tube, so I can ride "triathlete style" with my head down (of course with TT helmet tail poking straight into the air)... well then, I will definitely be all pimped out with the latest advances!

In the meantime I've been thirsty. It's hot outside. Over 95 american degrees. Lately I've been missing Pennsylvania simply because of Yuengling beer. If you're from the east, you know what I'm talking about. It's "the best, cheap" beer you can buy for my tastes. Some damn good beer right there. And reportedly the oldest brewery in these American States. I will have to pester the next person making a trip out there, to pick up at least a pounder for me. Tasty...

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Tom said...

Didn't know you were from PA. I was home a month ago and brought back a case of Yuengling lager. Sadly it's long gone now.

Good luck this weekend.

Tom S.