Thursday, June 21, 2007

Happy Summer

Happy Summer! That's right, today is the first day of Summer, and personally, I'm hoping for continuing hot and sunny weather.

Last night I hit up the Boulder TT again. It was a bit of an experiment, since I was on my standard road bike, instead of my TT bike, and without all my aero gear. The legs were a touch tired, and I was definitely less motivated when the man with the official's shirt said, "go", but I made a good run of it. The main goal was to get in a good effort, and that I did. The good news was that I didn't seem to be losing anytime on my TT bike last week on the climbs. So I have good power in the TT position. And also a good sign that my pacing was a lot better this time around on the course, as I had hoped. Though I definitely wasn't as aero, and was a bit undergeared, running the 50-11 on my road bike, compared to the 55-11 on the TT bike. But I was just a bit slower last night, as to be expected. Still, a good effort to open up the legs before this weekends race up in Laramie.

This morning was perfect for a ride in to work. Speaking of that, don't forget that this is Bike to Work Month, and next Wed, is bike to work day here in Colorado! Check out the details at

Today though, it was warm even on the decent into Boulder. Which also meant it was a perfect day to stay off the brakes, and drop down the mountain as quickly my skill, and good sense, would allow. I love mornings like that... There was plenty of scenery along the way, and the road was begging me to keep on riding right on past work, without slowing to see if anyone even noticed that I wasn't there.

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