Tuesday, July 10, 2007

No racing this past weekend, but a busy one nonetheless...Saturday I met up with E, McChad and Brent for a little preview of the Mike Horgan course (which we'll be racing this Saturday). I live right on the course, so I was more the tour-guide, rather than learning how the course goes. You ride Magnolia, and it's hard to forget just how stinkin' steep that evil hill is! Though, of course I like riding up it in the summer, way better than driving down it in the winter! It's steep!

We rode up to Eldora, and the weather was great. And climbing is fun and all, but coming back down the mountain is still always where the real buzz is...

After the early morning ride, Jessica and I were off to a bit of a pool party. The rain tried to dapen things, but there was still plenty of swimming, grilling, and beer-drinking to be had!

Sunday morning, Craig, Jeff, Jesse, and Wes came up, for some great paintballing! I was anxious to play, since it's been awhile since we got a game together. It was a good time, and we had a blast as always. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to get any pictures.

After paintballing, we traded Wes for Jessica, and the five of us were off to Hibachi for some dinner, and then, the moment we'd all been waiting for - TRANSFORMERS! The movie was pretty awesome. I was definitely glad it didn't suck, since you know how Hollywood tends to do that... They had the guy that did the original voice for OptimusPrime come back for the movie, and I'm glad they did. It wouldn't have been the same if they didn't. Great too, that the Transformers still had a sense of humor, like they did in the original movie and cartoons. They did a good job with the story, without making it too goofy. And of course it had to have a romantic part to the movie, but they didn't over do it, and I think even embraced the fact that it was goofy, which actually made it more tolerable. There were still plenty of silly things in the story, but it was tolerable. I was hoping they wouldn't make a sequel, but of course word on the street is that they are. Hopefully they won't jack it up, but at the same time, there is talk of bringing in the Dinobots! That could be interesting...

Now we just have to wait for the Simpsons movie to open!

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