Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Yes, it's Wednesday...

This past weekend was both the Mike Horgan hill climb, and the Longmont Crit. Two races that couldn't be more different, other than the extreme heat. It wasn't the plan, it was a possibility, but I ended up driving the pace through the canyon right from the start. I had plenty of help from Seth and one of the Al's guys. We were definitely going quick up the canyon. And the legs responded as you would expect once we hit the climb. I settled in, and just kept the pace steady. Unfortunately I just got gapped at the beginning of the dirt, where having friends to ride with would have been the most help. So it was pretty much a solo TT for the rest of the ride that day.
Saturday evening I went down to Jeff and Craig's house for a little party action. There was fun to be had! Beer-pong, flip cup, the charring of animal flesh, and just plain hanging out. Always a good time. I was designated driver, and was racing the next day, so the drinking was kept to a minimum. But I think it helped my flip-cup technique for sure!
Jeff relaxes;

Craig focuses;
Sunday was the Longmont crit. Not one of my favorite races, since it is bone-flat. And it's quick; I swear I was getting dizzy last year riding this course, going around and around for 90 minutes. The roads are wide though, which makes the corners a breeze - even if lots of guys do tend to slow up too much for them. HART missed the break, and with the high speeds, and temps in the high 90's it was tough to get a consistent group working at the front. I tried to put in as much work as I could. Unfortunately at the end, with about 15 minutes left, I walloped one of the nasty holes on the course, and it shifted my front derailleur out of adjustment. Suddenly it was dragging on my chain and chainring anytime I tried to pedal. I was mostly pack-fodder at that point, so I ended up slipping off the back. Did I mention that it was hot? I think I was over-cooked for the rest of the evening.

How about this tour? It's been a crazy and unpredictable one. I can't help but notice how much closer all the competition is, and the stages are, with (presumably) less doping in the peloton. And just as yesterday's stage was a real beauty, with an inspiring ride by Mauricio Soler. Then followed by the news today, that Patrik Sinkowitz turned up a positive testoterone test back in June. Great. But again, things look back up today, with a stage win from a break by Cedric Vasseur. I've really liked Cedric since his ridiculously long solo break some 10 years ago at the tour. Crazy, I remember watching the long tv coverage, with him out front that entire day, routing for him to hold on, and he did. I think that single ride made me love riding into a break, more than anything else.

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