Friday, December 14, 2007

Snow, snow, and more snow

This week has been a mess. A mess at work, but also with the weather. Nothing but snow, and more snow.

Saturday I got to sleep in at least, then made some homemade buttermilk pancake. Jessica even got xmas tree shaped ones, because I'm crazy. (Sorry, picture to come later). Rode the trainer for way too long and did a ton of house cleaning. Exciting stuff.

Sunday got out for some snowshoeing with Neo, Randy, D-rock and Frank. That was a good time. The snow was better than I figured it would be, but I might have still just been used to the 3+ feet we had all last winter. It was a good time, though a bit windy in spots. We did a nice 3.5hr loop right from the house.

The rest of the week? Hell, I don't even remember. It's been one long Monday. And a bad Monday at that... Plus it's been cold. Way cold. And at snowy at least half the time. I think I had some funny stuff this week at least, to keep me sane.

Monday Jessica and I went to Whole Paycheck to grab some dinner. Now I don't think I ever go there and spend less than $20. Maybe that's why I caught some lady who also bought her dinner there, but on the way out was stuffing fistfuls of little salt and pepper packets into her bag. Not the kind of fistful where you might just REALLY like salt, more like, the kind where you take them home and put them in the drawer where you keep all your salt packets, and ketchup packets that you took extra of.

Tuesday it snowed. And I was driving down the canyon, slow enough as it was, when the little train of cars I was in came nearly to a stop. Why!? What now!? Is there an upside down car in the canyon, like usual? No... some dude is RIDING HIS MOTORCYCLE down the canyon! 15 degrees, snow-packed road, with heavy falling snow, and this dude took his motorcycle to work.

Wednesday I was put onto the fact that one of the number one selling gifts for this year are talking jeebus dolls. These... well, these are just scary. Don't bother going to your local ,evil. Walmart for them, because they are out of stock. He features "63 seconds of easy to memorize scripture". Great. Personally, he's kinda scary.

Yesterday the infamous Mitchell Report came out about doping in baseball, and the world (other than the media) sighed a collective "who gives a fuck" and also a quick, "no shit, sherlock". Of course baseball dudes doped. But who cares? Do you think the fans at home care? Hell no, they've said as much. Baseball is one of the most boring sports in the world - even the fatties all doped to the gills. I'd rather watch golf, at least the announcers have that soothing tone. Maybe if had all the baseball players cracked out on some coke to speed things up. Or maybe some acid, and then we could zoom the tv cameras in on the dude in the outfield as he envisioned giant oranges that were storming out of the stands to attack him. Now that would be entertainment!

And today... with more snow, the site that caught my eye was some dude jogging with a ski mask on. Well, I guess there was snow falling... but dude, a ski mask!?

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