Saturday, December 29, 2007

It's cold... I hate the cold...

Lots of blog updating to do, especially now that I have a camera again, and can take lots of fun pictures. Plus, it's too cold to go outside and do much of anything anyway. Ugh.

Speaking of cold, last weekend, Seth, Kendall, Matt Dempsey, Neo and I all hit up Nederland for some snowshoeing. It was cold, it was windy, as you can see in this picture. But we went up to a lake near Eldora and it was cool. Very thick ice, very cool bubbles and cracks in the ice. VERY cold wind blowing across the lake...

It was worth it for the hippy muffins at the co-op though.

Also started the new job this week. So that's been stressful. It should be a very positive thing, I'm just struggling through that new part of the job where I have absolutely no idea of what the hell is going on, and what I'm supposed to be doing. Man is that frustrating... I'm out of my office, and back into cube world, but at least now I have a window! I couldn't even see a window from my old place, so having real sunlight is a nice new thing. I can even see the flatirons from the window. The only bad thing, is that I know they will be torturing me as the weather gets nicer, and I want to be outside playing!

I've been playing with the new camera, so how about some entertaining pet pictures? -Speaking of pictures, that reminds me that I got a sweet new digital picture frame for xmas as well. Perfect for the new desk! And with some nice summer pictures, it does a perfect job of torturing me as we're in the depths of freezing cold winter. Anyway... pet pictures...




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