Saturday, December 29, 2007

Tiny Baby Jeebus

Happy Baby Jeebus Day!

This year, Baby Jeebus day was at our house. So the night before Jessica and I had everyone over for some tasty dinner. We got to open a few gifts and then off to bed. Luckily, I remembered to leave the door of the wood stove open, so Santa could make his way down, and he left a few more presents for everyone. Yes, the picture above is from Xmas morning... it was still dark out... that's how early we were up! And it was also snowing already, at 5am. It went on snowing for the entire day, so there were no questions whether or not it was a white xmas. Me, I definitely would have preferred a "tropical xmas".

I must have been good this year, I got a shiny new telescope to play with!

...of course, the only problem is that it's been cloudy ever since xmas. Sure, there's been some times that you could peak between the clouds, but then it was windy with temperatures below 20 degrees. I sure do love winter.

I also got the complete Planet Earth DVD series! Awesome! And the last biggie was a new camera! The ever so sexy Sony DSC-T200. Basically the newest version of the camera I sadly lost a few weeks back, and this one doesn't disappoint, it's been phenomenal! And finally, I can get back to regularly including some more pictures in the blog again.

Plenty of other fun stuff too... And I suppose Jessica was good too, since she got some great goodies as well. I can't wait for her to put down her new mini MP3 player, so I can steal it! And she got a comfy bed set too, that Leigh seems to enjoy.

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