Friday, December 7, 2007

Snowy Friday

What else can you do on a cold, snowy Friday? I vote for drinking a fine, fine Belgian brown ale. Tonights selection is Brasserie des Rocs. It's quite good. I liked the La Folie that recently had better, but this one is definitely delicious. It goes down extremely easily as well... which could be a dangerous thing at 9.2% alcohol.

It is a perfect beverage for a recovery night though. My legs were fried yesterday for my training ride, and beer is very often a perfect recovery drink. It must be the carbs, right? After all, I have to prepped for a tough trainer workout tomorrow. Sadly, a trainer workout, since it's snowing now, and the weather is only supposed to get worse through the weekend.

While enjoying my beverage, and "recovering" I also watch Elementality for like the 5th time. It's a great movie, and always perfect for motivating me to dig out the board. With the garage clean, and nothing but bad weather forecast for the next week... I just might have to work on the ol' style. Maybe finally make that quarter or half pipe... Hmmm. First, I need a new deck.

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