Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year's Part I

It was a cold weekend... a really cold weekend. Ugh. But hey, at least it was a 4-day weekend on tap! I was feeling a bit trapped at home though, since it was really too cold to do much of anything outdoors. I couldn't even shovel the walk, as much as I wanted to, since it would have taken just a matter of minutes for the high winds to drift it over again anyway.

I'm getting sick of the drive looking like this;

So yeah, not too much going on. Some trainer time on Saturday. Sunday I aligned my sighting scope on the new telescope. I still haven't gotten to use really use it, since it's been cloudy every night... well, last night it was finally clear, but I wasn't going outside since it was 8 degrees.

Monday was New Years, and Jessica had to work, so Neo and I decided to head out to do some cross country skiing. Sure, there was 30-40mph winds, blowing snow, and a high temperature of 10, but it was go outside and freeze, or stay inside and die of boredom. Plus, there was some partying planned for later on, and we needed to be sure to get a workout in, so that we wouldn't have to feel to guilty about eating 7 or 8 rice crispy treats.

Trusty Neo stayed right in my tracks most of the trip, boy loves the snow;

We went to Eldora, and did the same trail that we had snowshoed last week. We bi-passed the lake though, and went on a slightly longer trail. There was a fresh 6 inches of snow, and the trail wasn't very packed. We followed a single other set of x-country ski tracks all morning. Finally, we reached the "end" of the trail. Our trail-breaker, much like I had, got sick of poling through 2.5feet of snow on the side of the trail.

End of the line;

The view back down the valley. Yes, it was as cold as it looks.

A pretty good ski day though, 2.5 hours on the trail, and then we were headed home to rest up for the nights festivities...

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