Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Family Update

Another family update, but this is a good one!

I think for some time now Jessica has had the little thought in her head of getting a bird. I think she has a secret goal of collecting a complete food chain. So after several days of non-stop research and searching, Jessica found a sweet little Green Cheek Conure that needed a home.

So welcome Cyrus to the family!

He's a real cutie, but a total mommie's boy. He's really well-behaved, and just absolutely loves attention. Really, he believes that he should be held, or should be sitting on someones shoulder every minute of the day. I've been really impressed just how smart the feathery little bugger is.

I've had lots of pets, but never a bird. So I've been learning a lot about little birdies. Mostly, that they like to poop a lot.

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