Saturday, January 19, 2008


Yep... it's still cold. But hey, it's the start of a three day weekend. The first time I get to have off for one of the "less-real" holidays, MLK Day.

This week Craig, Jeff, Jesse, Jessica and I hit the aquarium for our own little baby jeebus birthday celebration, you know, to treat ourselves. There is always something odd about sitting in front of a 150,000 gallon fish tank, watching exotic fish swim around, while you enjoy your dinner of seafood. And the aquarium does have the best calamari around. Definitely try it out if you get a chance. I think everyone ate seafood until they were ready to pop.

The coolest guy in the tank was this giant puffer fish that was hanging out near us. There's no scale in the picture, but he was easily the size of a basketball!

I wanted to see what he looked like puffed up though!

With it being a 3-day weekend, I figured I should make sure I had some liquids for the weekend. The liquor store had one of my favorites, Fraoch Heather Ale. So very tasty... made in Scotland, since 2000 BCE, using heather flowers. I also had to pick up another giant bottle of St. Bernardus Abt 12. I can't help it, I'm addicted.

It was entirely too cold today, but Craig, Tanis, Neo and I hit up Brainard Lake for some snowshoeing. It was a good time, we cranked out a good fast pace. The 20 degree temps, 40+ mph winds and subsequent wind chills probably helped us move faster to stay warm! It was great to have Tanis out too, just a crazy little puppy who's grown so much since last time I saw him.

Wow... This on right now on Barrett Jackson as I'm typing; A 2009 ZR1 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe. Now, I'm not normally crazy about vettes, but this thing is insane. Build Number 001, you could have the option of picking up the car in the Chevrolet Factory, after you watch it being built, so that you can be the first person to turn the key. Or, you can pick it up at Jay Leno's garage, so you can check out his cars and meet him. All kinds of other crazy extras like track time, racing instruction and so on. Just think what this puppy will be worth if you roll it out of your garage in 50 years with 2000 miles on it. Though that seems like a shame, to have this thing and not drive it. It took all of 20 seconds of bidding to hit $800,000 then sold for $1,000,000 even. Anyway, it's a nice little mobile.

-Scary, now "Bo Duke" is standing on top of a General Lee (The last one used in the original show, signed under the hood by the cast) leading the entire place on to sing the opening theme of Duke's of Hazzard. Yikes. If it came with a gallon of Uncle Jesse's moonshine, I'd bid myself.

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