Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year's Part II

The plan for the New Year's Festivities was to head over to Seth's for the night. I was hoping for spring rolls, with rice crispy treats for dessert, and I wasn't disappointed. A good crew was there, and things got rolling.

First real mayhem started, when the Sock 'em Boppers made an appearance. Though they weren't going to slow down Joey's drinking;

Joey and Drake are having too much fun. Sock 'em Boppers are about pain and punishment, not joking around and having a good time with friends! (Ask Matt... he made me bleed - I still say the alcohol thinned my blood).

But Matt hadn't had enough... yes, that's his girlfriend's face distorted behind his flying punch.

Beating up his girlfriend tired Matt out a bit, so he took some time out to update Seth's blog. Why is Seth's computer monitor bigger than his tv? I think someone has a complex.

There sure are a lot of pictures of Matt, but then, he can be pretty entertaining while drinking Hamm's. That Sarah, she's a lucky woman. Matt learns what a palindrome is, and ways to spell Nevin, I mean Neven.

And hey, with all that space in the family room, Matt then decided to teach us all the proper technique for cross country skiing;

New Year's came, and it still bothers me living in Colorado, and watching the ball drop two hours after it already has. It's just weird. Colorado needs it's own celebration, like maybe dropping a bronco off the state building or something.

Still in a wintery mood, Matt wanted to stop and make "Matt-angels" in the snow bank along the sidewalk. Yes, it was really, really cold.

So, HAPPY NEW YEAR! It's 2008, and every year, updating that number, seems as weird as it did the year before. New Year's Day was mostly spent on the couch, staring at the tv, completely wasting the first day of the year. But hey, there are like 360-some days left to be productive.

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Phe-nomenal, phenomenal!