Monday, January 21, 2008

Good Morning

Ah... this seems like a good way to spend a Monday morning. Slept in, had some breakfast, made a toasty warm fire, and now having a big ol' cup of joe while surfing and watching Seinfeld. It should be time for my nap soon...

It's cold today, real cold. The thermometer currently says 6 degrees. Brr. Last night a crazy frozen fog surrounded the house, and left everything nice and "crystally" today.

Trees too;

Yesterday it turned out to be nicer than originally forecast. Still cold, but not too windy and the sun was out. So I had Jessica drop me off at the bottom of the hill to minimize my descending, then did some good climbing on the mountain bike. It was a pretty good ride with solid climbing. Too bad for the snow, it would have been fun to hit up a couple of the trails I rode past.

Topping out on the climb;

Hey look... Twin Sisters means "home". They sure look close, but it's another 15 miles of road from here.

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