Sunday, January 13, 2008

Saturday Lacrosse, Sunday Trainer

Saturday I convinced Jessica and Alex we should take a morning trip to Ned for some coffee and a muffin from the co-op. Both were delicious. Then Alex convinced Jessica, Neo, Taylor and myself that we should take advantage of the cold, but sunny weather, to take a good walk.

And Taylor was pretty good, and of course happy about taking a walk;

Neo of course found a good stick;

Later that night, I met up with Craig, Jeff and some others so we could check out the Mammoth Lacrosse game. I was surprised how many people actually showed up for the game! Of course, I had to wonder how many people were there just for "Wing Bowl", including the 10 people next to us that all left after the Wing Bowl at halftime. It was a pretty good time, but I've gotta say, it wasn't nearly as cool as Roller Derby.

We had total nose-bleed seats... as in with our backs to the wall. That's what happens when you buy $5 tickets, 10 minutes before start time. Hey, at least we could see ALL the action, and they were all of $5 (about the same price as my pretzel);

Face off time;

I caught a sweet flying goal shot!

Look ma! I can eat 50 ounces of chicken wings! Please note, this was the final round of Wing Bowl, which means this healthy specimens had already eaten 50 ounces of wings earlier that same day;

Game play action;

Today (Sunday) it was colder than yesterday. But at least the sun was out. I wanted to ride outdoors, but it likely wasn't going to be the best for my health, or efforts, so I did a nice hard trainer ride. Not terribly exciting, I know. And I didn't take any pictures of the trainer, because, well, who wants to see that anyway!? At least it was a relaxing day.

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