Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Riding Earns You a Pizza

Totally weird weather... TWO days of outside riding were in the forecast this past weekend!

Saturday it was relatively warm, though the wind was crazy. I met up with the HART gang to ride out of Golden. We had to take advantage of the warmer ("warmer", not "warm") weather, and went climbing. Craig, Seth and I peeled off and went up to Evergreen for a donut. A donut!? We didn't do quite enough climbing for the donut... so off for some more climbing. A nice long day in the saddle, with a lot of climbing for this time of year.

After that, Seth hosted a pizza party to help everyone build their calorie reserves back up.

I must have eaten too much pizza though, or at least felt I did, because it was back out on the bike for Sunday. Weather was even nicer; warmer temps, less wind, and I met up with the VC gang this time riding out of Boulder. We went up to the Carter Lake loop, with the short addition of the Masonville loop as well! A great ride, though I was on the edge all day, with a good bit of fatigue in the legs from the day before. Made it home finally, no visit from the bonk, though I was completely trashed afterwards. 9+ hours for the weekend.

Rest day on Monday, hard day on Tuesday, harder day on today (I was cursing whoever it was that wrote my training plan this week)... but March will be here before we know it!

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