Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Doping Cheeto Christ

This just in!!!

You know... in case you really thought maybe some mistake was made, and Ricco really was telling the truth, and there was no way a fine upstanding cyclist such as himself would actually lie about doping, even if his teamate who hadn't tested positive (initially) hadn't admitted that he too had doped.

But I mean this news is barely news, when you have the Lord Jeebus making himself apparent in a bag of cheetos.

On a much more practical side... I really want this coffee table! But I mean, it hard to really buy it, considering that they dropped the actual radioactive elements from the display. I mean, you can't even pretend that it's complete when it doesn't have those elements. I wouldn't have minded even if they were tucked away inside little lead-lined boxes or something. Of course, you know some fool would have tried to take them apart in that case.

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