Friday, September 12, 2008

Hot Little Hands

Well sweet! Yesterday my new Cyclocross Single Speed frame showed up at my work! So it's now in my hot little hands!

I've taken 10 pictures of just the frame, and it's pretty much impossible to capture the full impact of the color! I'm not kidding, it's full-on fluorescent green. You'll see me coming... A little bit of a bummer, the decals were supposed to be white, and indeed they were, but the powdercoat bled into them a bit making them look yellowish. I don't mind it too much, they almost seem fluorescent themselves, and they are subtle, but the plan was to have them match some other other components on the bike. Well, if it's a proper cross bike, they should be covered in mud anyway...

Sadly, no complete bike pictures yet. The build ran into a few snags that I am going to resolve this evening, and everything I touched, seem to become way more complicated than it should be. I hate those days - especially when they involve a bike build. And even more, when it's a bike you are hoping to race in 2 days time! So you'll have to wait till tomorrow for those pictures - and on a ride report. I can tell you though, that I'm definitely happy with the weight! It should definitely be a screamer.

It figures, after I break down and finally build a custom single speed, Felt goes and releases a SS cross bike for 2009! It looks pretty cool, but of course because of stock parts, it could be a lot lighter. Mine will of course be a lot more original as well. Though I like the look of the dropouts on the Felt. Interesting thinking, putting a wrench on the seattube bottle mount, for removing your bolt on wheel though. At least the wrench has a bottle opener as well!

To power up for the bike build, Jessica helped me assemble a (more than ordinary) ambitions dinner last night; Cilantro-Pesto Sweet Potato Gnocchi with gorgonzola and spinach, and pan seared pork medallions. It came out quite delicious. Was a bit more work (mostly messy) than I wanted, but it was well worth it when it was time to shovel fork-fulls into the mouth. Very tasty. Made a great lunch of leftovers today also. Mostly made me want to explore more options with homemade gnocchi!

T-minus 2 days until the start of cyclocross season!

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Notorious B.I.L. said...

The frame looks nice! Are you only racing in the SS class on Sunday or are you doing other classes? I am racing the SS and maybe the 35 open with my SS. See ya there. P.S. If you pass me I am going to hit you right in the ear hole on the way by!