Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Random Buyouts and Nonsense

I've made some poor (greedy) decisions before... I wish Uncle Sam would go ahead and buy me out, in order to fix my mistakes, and make sure that I can continue living the life that I have grown accustomed to... I mean, after a trillion dollars (is that even a REAL number!?) already, this year alone, what's my meager debt matter?

Speaking of markets, how about this picture that I came across on an unnamed bicycle companies website?

Who the hell came up with this!? I mean, this is the MAIN picture that you come to, at the companies home page. THIS is what they cam up with for your first impression of their company? "Hey, buy our bikes, think how cool you could be! Owning one of our bikes is like being an unattractive chick (or maybe it's a dude with a ponytail), sitting on a rock, overlooking a lake in Italy, on a rather cloudy day, contemplating the beauty of both life and your photoshopped bike." I mean, come on! How would you even ride a photo shopped bike up to that overlook? Especially when the extent of your cycling gear is apparently a belt-mounted camera case? Sheesh... I saw this picture and didn't even want to find out why I should buy their Taiwan made carbon bikes were over everyone else's Taiwan made carbon bikes.

Sometimes, well, a lot of the time, dogs resemble their owners. And sometimes, it takes longer than it should to get through the line at registration. And sometimes, though much less often, those two facts are related;

But all the time, those damned Goombas won't leave the beautiful Princess Peaches Toadstool alone!

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Brad said...

So how are you liking the iPhone? Got any cool new apps for it?